The 2018 Research Collaboration Seeding Grant scheme is a new initiative supported by the BEL Faculty. The grants are designed to:

  1. promote research collaboration among the wide range of disciplines in the BEL Schools, or more  broadly to promote research collaboration among the disciplines in the BEL Schools and other disciplines at UQ; and
  2. conduct preliminary work that will support applications for external funding.

The intent of this grant scheme is to fund research or research development activities which:

  • will involve a collaboration across at least two BEL Schools or Centres or across at least 1 other UQ Faculty or UQ Institute
  • will involve a substantially new research project
  • may include researchers who have worked together before, but will include at least one new collaborator
  • the lead CI must be a BEL appointment
  • will lead to an external funding application.

Grants are limited to a maximum of $15,000 and must be expended in full during 2018. Up to six grants will be awarded. Applications may be made for funds to cover research-related equipment, research assistance, travel (conference travel will not be funded; all travel costs cannot exceed 50% of the budget) or other expenditure that is not covered by existing funds. Teaching buy-outs will not be covered.

Further Information

View the Guidelines and Application Form.

The BEL Faculty closing date for applications is 9 October, 2017