Since 1911 the Archibald Scholarship has supported UQ’s best economics students. The UQ School of Economics is building the Archibald Scholarship into the most prestigious Economics Scholarship in Asia-Pacific.

In 2017 Dr Vince FitzGerald AO completed donations totalling over $80,000 to the Archibald Scholarship. Dr FitzGerald's gift boosts this prestigious award that has launched the careers of many of Australia’s top economists, including Dr FitzGerald himself in 1966.

Please donate to the Archibald Scholarship Appeal. Your gift will help give UQ School of Economics students a real opportunity to fulfil their potential and excel in their studies and their careers.

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UQ Scholarships

The history

The Archibald Scholarship was founded in 1911 from a gift from the estate of the late Honourable John Archibald, MLC, an important figure in Queensland’s political landscape and a prominent supporter of the establishment of UQ.

The Hon. John Archibald, MLC, was born near Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1845. In 1863 he migrated to Queensland. He rose rapidly through the business ranks of the fledgling colony of Queensland, eventually owning a large milling enterprise, becoming Mayor of Warwick and sitting on the board of a series of companies.

The Archibald family has other connections to The University of Queensland via two named walkways on the university’s St Lucia campus. Archibald Way leads to the natural amphitheatre between The University of Queensland Club and the UQ Union Building. The dedication was made following a donation made in John Archibald’s name by his daughter Eveline Robertson. A subsequent donation by Mrs Robertson for further landscaping and beautification of the UQ lakes area lead to the naming of the pathway beside the main UQ lake Robertson Walk.

Scholar honour board

Year Name
1914 Dr James Lockhart Mursell
1917 The Hon Edwin James Droughton Stanley
1918 Mr Thomas Thatcher
1921 Mr Frederick Gordon Crane
1924 Dr Ernest Gordon Biaginni
1938 Mr Laurence Christopher Healy
1939 Mr Leslie White
1941 Dr Samuel Alan Rayner
1942 Mrs Margaret Morgan Jones (nee Robinson)
1943 Associate Professor William Ronald Lane CBE
1944 Dr Keith Henry McDonald OBE
1946 Dr James William Crawford Cumes
1946 Mrs Gwenda Elaine Prewett (nee Madden)
1947 Sir Ronald Gordon Jackson AK
1948 Dr George Copeman
1949 Mr Joseph Edward Dellit
1950 Mr Geoffrey Price
1951 Miss June Perpetua McNamara
1952 Mr Thomas John Cleary
1952 Mr Lyn Kingston
1954 Mr Frederick John Smith
1955 Emeritus Professor David John Smyth
1956 Mr Eric Keith Andersen
1957 Mr Robert Vidal Wilshire
1958 Mr Carl Gregory Falt
1959 Dr Alan Leslie Lougheed
1960 Mrs Janet Richmond Hill (nee Story)
1961 Mr Daryl Albert Dixon
1962 Mr Graham Milton Madden
1963 Miss Jenifer Ann Blank
1963 Mr Geoffrey Harold Potter
1964 Mr Maurice Llewellyn Dwyer
1965 Professor Richard William Leftwich
1965 Ms Patricia Anne Harvey
1966 Dr Vincent William John FitzGerald AO
1967 Mr William John Shields
1968 Associate Professor Sandra Martin (nee Rowe)
1969 Mr James Michael Martin
1970 Mr Robert Carling
1971 Mr Douglas McGregor
1973 Mr Edward Duhs
1975 Mr Leslie Raymond Ford
1975 Professor Ian Ross Harper
1976 Mrs Panagiota Sams (nee Lazaretos)
1977 Dr John Joseph Fallon
1978 Dr Donald John Markwell
1979 Professor Ross Buckley
1980 Mr Leon Montgomery Perry
1980 Mr John Walter William Elliott
1981 Dr Anthony Costantini
1982 Mr Ralph Evan Davey
1983 Mr Bruce Fraser Donald
1984 Ms Karen Robyn Chester
1985 Mrs Pui Yim Retnam (nee Mok)
1986 Dr John Henry Kunkel
1988 Ms Katya Elizabeth H Kentish
1989 Ms Jenine Emma Hulsmann
1990 Ms Julie Lyn Roden
1991 Ms Kirsten Elizabeth Embery
1992 Ms Michelle Noreen Scoccimarro
1993 Mr James O'Regan
1994 Mr David William King
1995 Ms Penelope May Newman
1996 Mr Michael Charles Growder
1997 Ms Andrea Elizabeth Brischetto
1998 Mr Matthew Robert Bell
1998 Mr Lambert Jen Hsiung Chang
1999 Dr Anna Tamzin Straton
2000 Ms Anna Bernadette Park
2001 Mr David Antony Fleming
2002 Mr Kirk James Bailey
2003 Dr Simon Redmond Quinn
2004 Ms Shannon Elizabeth Stewart
2004 Ms Vanessa Rayner
2005 Ms Kathryn Leona Ford
2006 Mr Andrew Robert Hodge
2007 Mr Thomas Russell Gole
2008 Mr Benjamin Wong
2009 Mr David Andrew Rodgers
2010 Ms So Shan Ceara Hui
2011 Mr Benjamin Young
2012 Mr Kian Nam Loke
2013 Mr Bang Nguyen
2014 Mr Christopher Mar
2015 Mr Luke McKenzie
2016 Mr Colin Burns
2017 Mr Nicholas Alexander Monroe

Donor honour board

Reece Allen
Barry Barwick
Walter Bateman
Tim Brailsford
Susan Buckley
John Cameron
Karen Chester
Felicity Conlan
Marcel Coquerand
Melina Costas-Morgan
Alan Coulter
Angela Craig
Daryl Dixon
Mark Donaldson
Stephen Eastman
Terry Edwinsmith
Jean-Claude Eono
Eugene Esmonde
Vincent FitzGerald AO
Ian Frazer
Suzanne Golding
Thanuri Gunewardena
Ian Harper
Laureen Harris
John Heike
Bharbir Singh Heyer
Stephen Holden
Yoshitaka Hosoi
Linda Hu
Robert Hulme
Felicity Hutchings
Sharon Ibardolaza
Akila Jayasinghe
Andrew Jones
Adrian Jones
Keith Jones
Ian Lake
Richard Leftwich
Anne Li
Bruce Littleboy
Peter Major
Donald Markwell
Bruce McBryde
Benjamin McCormick
Susan McDonald
Sonja McKeddie
Fred McNaught
Flavio Menezes
Leslie Midson
Nicholas Molloy
Catharine Murphy
Adrian Noon
Shaun Palm
David Parker
Anthony Photiadis
Annette Quinnell
Michael Roarty
Anthony Rossiter
Santo Santoro
Amanda Seneviratne
Kevin Smith
Genevieve Stafford
Andrew Vassilopoulos
Ross Walker
Anthony Wallace
Guangyang Wang
John Warren
Alan Whitaker
John White
Ian Winterburn
The Estate of the late Honourable John Archibald M.L.C
Frazer Family Foundation Pty Ltd
BT Global Finance Pty Ltd
Alumni Friends of The University of Queensland Inc

 The University of Queensland wishes to acknowledge the kind contributions of anonymous donors


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