Electronic submission of assessment through Blackboard is mandatory for students in most BEL Courses. Students are required to read their Electronic Course Profile (Section 5 - Assessment) which provides an assessment summary, assessment details and other assessment information.

Assignment Submission

If Blackboard submission is required, students must:

  1. Save your assignment with the correct file name, using only underscores for spacing:
    [FAMILY NAME]_[First name]_[Assignment name]
    E.g. JONES_Helen_essay
  2. Do NOT include any symbols, for example &, #, @.
  3. Type your student name and number on every page by using the Header.
  4. Type your course code, course name and assignment title using the Footer.
  5. Insert ‘page numbers’ in the Footer.
  6. Cut and paste your cover sheet to the front of your assignment if your School requires you to have one.
  8. Submit. If you experience problems, please send the details in an email to bel@uq.edu.au.

Students are advised there is no email confirmation generated by Blackboard. Students can view their submission history by:

  • Going back to the online submission folder for the assignment. If there was a file uploaded, you can click on it and view it. If nothing was uploaded, then it will be blank.
  • Alternatively you can look in My Grades. There will be a green exclamation mark icon beside the assessment title. When you click on that green exclamation mark, you will see the submission history view.

If hard copy submission to the Faculty Collaborative Learning Centre is required, students must:

  1. Attach the assignment cover sheet.
  2. Fill in all details outlined on the assignment cover sheet. For group assignments you must nominate a group leader. Provide their full name and student number. Also write the full name and student number of other group members.
  3. Sign and date the declaration on the bottom of the assignment cover sheet.
  4. Secure the assignment cover sheet to the assignment and secure disks, if any.
  5. Deposit the assignment in the assignment slot at the Faculty Collaborative Learning Centre by the date and time specified in your Course Profile.

Students are advised that the Faculty Collaborative Leaning Centre does not issue a receipt for assignments submitted. The Faculty Collaborative Learning Centre does not accept emailed assignments. If you have any questions about your assessment, please contact the Course Coordinator, whose details should be listed in the Electronic Course Profile and/or on Blackboard.

Guidelines for late submission of progressive assessment

Please refer to the Electronic Course Profile for information regarding whether an extension to progressive assessment is possible for each course, and whether the Application For Extension of Assessment form is to be used for applying for an extension to a piece of progressive assessment.

For further information, please click here.

Assignment collection from the Faculty Collaborative Learning Centre

Students must present their current UQ Student ID card when collecting their assignment from Faculty Collaborative Learning Centre.

When assignments have been marked and submitted to the Faculty Collaborative Learning Centre for hand back to students, an announcement is placed on the BEL Faculty Collaborative Learning Centre Blackboard site. This is a community site that all BEL students should have access to. If you do not have access to the site, please send an email with your full name and student number.

Building 39, Level 1 (Colin Clark)
Phone: (+61) 7 3365 7111
Email: bel@uq.edu.au
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm. Closed public holidays

The area located inside and adjacent to the Faculty Collaborative Learning Centre Reception is open from 8:00am to 8:00pm Monday to Friday for student study use.


Don’t take a chance! The University of Queensland takes all forms of cheating very seriously.

The University’s governing body, the Senate, has a policy statement on plagiarism. This statement outlines responsibilities for both academic staff and students, and refers to the inclusion of a number of statements in Course Profiles. Students should consult UQ Policy and Procedures Library section 3.60.04 Student Integrity and Misconduct and understand its implications.

The UQ Library provides online resources on avoiding plagiarism, as well as other sessions which will assist in developing your information literacy skills.

Student Services conducts Learning Workshops and offers other forms of academic assistance.