Spotlight on Angie Knaggs

Angie Knaggs

Angie Knaggs

Senior Education Manager

Over a decade ago, Angie Knaggs made the bold decision to pack up her life in Cape Town, South Africa and move to Australia to pursue a PhD in media studies at UQ.

Fast forward a few years, and the adventurous PhD graduate began lecturing in media studies, first at Bond University and then at the SAE Institute, a private international university specialising in creative media.

Angie first realised she was passionate about the inner workings of learning and teaching while at SAE. 

“Although I enjoyed researching in my field, I realised I was far more concerned with the quality and innovation of the teaching,” Angie said.

Slowly, Angie moved away from teaching and into the advisory and leadership space, eventually spearheading SAE’s online learning department.

Prior to UQ, she honed her craft as a learning and teaching consultant for academic staff at QUT Business School. Over five years, Angie worked closely with academic staff to develop blended degree programs and enhance employability engagement in the classroom.

Angie is one of two new Senior Education Managers at the BEL Faculty, where she is focused on promoting, developing and supporting blended learning and employability. She works closely with BEL Associate Dean (Academic) Professor Polly Parker, the BEL Student Employability Team (BEL SET) and the Faculty’s talented teaching staff.

Angie’s main goal is to encourage a cultural shift in the way in which staff perceive and practise blended learning and employability.

“Instead of looking at technology augmented education and employability education as something we have to do, they should be part of who we are as a Faculty,” she said.

“For example, one of my key objectives is to ensure that employability is embedded at the core of how and what we teach. It should be integrated into teaching methods, ECPs, lectures, tutorials and assessment.

“We have an incredible team in BEL SET, and I’m really looking forward to working with them on this project.”

When she arrived at the Faculty in September, Angie immediately began mapping out the current state of BEL’s blended learning and employability education initiatives.

“I’m so inspired by the wonderful innovations and achievements in this space,” Angie said.

“I plan to spend the rest of 2018 speaking with our champions and getting a sense of the whole picture.”

Angie also finds great joy in seeking out and lifting up the unsung heroes in this space– the teachers who don’t yet know they’re champions.

To help achieve this goal, Angie is working with Polly and her fellow Senior Education Manager Aliisa Mylonas on learning and teaching web content that appeals to teachers and students.

“I think this content will be a statement on who we are as educators at the BEL Faculty,” she said.  

“It will help bring together all of the initiatives that are in place across the Faculty, and it will be a space where we can celebrate the great work we’re doing, encourage and uplift our colleagues, and inspire students to engage.”

Some other things you should know about Angie: She loves to travel, and has just returned from a month-long trip to South America. She’s an avid green thumb with an enviable vegetable garden (and she’s currently in the middle of an ongoing war with the local wildlife, who have a penchant for snacking on her tomatoes). She loves a good walking meeting. And she’s eager for learning and teaching enthusiasts to share their ideas and questions with her.  

“I’m here to encourage innovation, to listen, and to find ways to make things happen,” she said.

“No idea is too crazy, no question too silly – in fact, some of the best initiatives for students have come out of seemingly crazy ideas.

“If we work together in partnership, I think we’ll find our way.”


Last updated:
31 October 2018