Blended learning boon for BEL

Sharing insights and experiences of blended learning was the focus of a recent workshop, presented by a cross-disciplinary academic team and hosted by the BEL Faculty, during UQ Teaching and Learning Week (29 October – Friday 2 November).

Group learningBEL Associate Dean Academic Professor Polly Parker opened the workshop, and presenters included  Associate Professor Pierre Benckendorff (Business School), Mr Carl Sherwood (School of Economics), Dr Kate Power (Business School), Dr Stuart Middleton (Business School), Dr Nicolas Carah (School of Communication and Arts) and Aliisa Mylonas (BEL).

Together, they shared insights into the challenges and opportunities they encountered when designing and implementing blended courses that both engage and enrich our business, economics and law students’ learning experiences.

Watch the workshop or view the slides for tips on how to approach course design, manage implementation and transition, and capture data for evaluation.

Blended learning refers to the context-appropriate integration of both on-campus and online activities that maximise student learning outcomes. It does not imply exclusively online content and ‘blending’ of a course may not result in an overall reduction in face-to-face teaching time.

Blending learning also contributes to a major goal of the University’s Student Strategy – to provide a flexible environment that supports and services all students, meetings their learning priorities and expectations, and personalises their UQ experience.    

Through the UQ2U program and in partnership with the UQ Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation (ITaLI), BEL has the most courses of any UQ Faculty being blended in 2018, ahead of delivery in 2019.

To date, BEL’s blended courses include:

  • Introduction to Management (MGTS1301), blended by Drs Cle-Anne Gabriel and Gemma Irving
  • Organisational Behaviour (MGTS1601), blended by Drs Marissa Edwards and Elizabeth Nichols
  • Foundations of Marketing (MKTG1501), blended by Dr Alastair Tombs
  • Business Law (LAWS1100), blended by Timothy Thomas
  • Economics for Business (ECON1011), blended by Associate Professor Marco Faravelli
  • Introductory Microeconomics (ECON1010), blended by Carl Sherwood and Associate Professor Marco Faravelli
  • Introductory Macroeconomics (ECON1020), led by Associate Professor KK Tang.

BEL Faculty Associate Dean Academic Professor Polly Parker congratulated and thanked the BEL teaching and learning community members who have embraced and championed blended courses this year.

“On behalf of the Faculty executive and our students, thank you for your hard work to ensure our courses are in line with our students’ changing learning needs and expectations,” she said.

“I am looking forward to seeing these innovative courses delivered in 2019, and continuing to partner with many more of you and our students to blend more courses in the New Year.”

To learn more about blended courses and learning at BEL, please visit the intranet or contact our Learning and Teaching team.

Last updated:
2 November 2018