Centre for Gender Equality in the Workplace

Seeking solutions to workplace gender inequality

The Centre for Gender Equality in the Workplace (CGEW) was established in November 2017 to further research needed to address the current slow progress of women in senior roles in the workplace, as well as workforce participation more generally.

Supporting the third wave

The term ‘third wave’ was coined by gender equality researchers and advocates in regard to finishing the task of obtaining gender equality. The first wave refers to the suffrage movement of the turn of the last century and the second wave refers to the women’s liberation movement of the 1970s. We aim to support the third wave by providing empirically-based solutions to the wicked problem of gender inequality by guiding Australian industry on best practice interventions in the area of gender equality and leveraging gender diversity for greater individual, organisational and societal outcomes.


Our Centre is a collaboration with the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) and is jointly funded by The University of Queensland's Australian Institute for Business and Economics, Faculty of Business, Economics and Law and the UQ Business School. We also work closely with the Alliance of Girl Schools Australasia (AGSA) and the Australian Gender Equality Council (AGEC), which acts as a central repository or clearinghouse for information, research and activities related to gender equality from both practitioners and researchers.

Partner with us

The Centre partners/collaborates with the community on issues of national significance and scope with regards to the furtherance of gender equality in the workplace. Projects examining superannuation outcomes for women in retirement, the national childcare system, the proportion of women in leadership roles such as CEOs, board members, women members of state legislatures and federal cabinet, are all of particular interest.

Contact Dr Terry Fitzsimmons for more information.