The new heart of student services

The new and improved Colin Clark.

Colin Clark building has had a facelift! As part of this development, study spaces, offices and student facilities have undergone major renovations to ensure you have access to modern, innovative and user-friendly resources.

Your new BEL Student Centre, located on level 2 of the Colin Clark building (39), is home to the UQ Business School Reception and Student Administration teams and the BEL Faculty Student Experience team

And on level 1 of Colin Clark, you can find the: 

  • BEL Career Services (room 107), who can help you to improve your employability skills, access opportunities and manage your career
  • BEL Student Hub (room 113 and adjacent area), your dedicated student space to enjoy while on campus. This space features a student lounge, courtyard and kitchen (including microwaves and healthy vending machines), as well as a collaborative co-working space (including group work booths, moveable furniture and computers)
  • BEL student societies area (room 125C), where societies can connect with and support fellow students
  • UQBS Bloomberg Trading Lab (room 106), where finance students can gain hands-on experience using the same information and technology relied on by professionals all over the world
  • UQBS tutors' room (room 115), featuring work stations and consultation booths for students and tutors to meet
  • UQBS Paul Rogers Honours Room and lounge (rooms 117-8), a dedicated space for honours students to conduct research, exchange ideas and build friendships that will support and enrich them throughout their careers. This space is named in memory of InterFinancial co-founder, respected business leader and good friend of UQ, Paul Rogers. 

Colin Clark Building Refurbishment