1. Introduction and principles

BEL Faculty aims to provide a high standard and quality of service in respect of its programs of study, services and facilities. It is aware, however, that there may be occasions when a student feels that the level of service has fallen short of expectation. The Faculty is committed to enhancing the student experience and recognises that complaints may provide useful feedback from students that, where appropriate, can be used to improve services and facilities. Where warranted, therefore, the Faculty will learn from any complaints received, and will endeavour to improve its services, systems and decision-making processes to prevent future complaints arising.

The Faculty is committed to dealing with complaints in a serious and sensitive manner, and the Faculty will treat complaints seriously and will deal with them without recrimination. The aim of the complaints procedure is to be prompt and responsive, with the emphasis on addressing the complaint and arriving at an acceptable outcome as quickly as possible, so that students can have issues of concern dealt with quickly and can move on with their studies.

Complaints should be brought forward by students as soon as possible after the occurrence that prompted the complaint. Every reasonable effort will be made to deal promptly and efficiently with all complaints, to investigate them thoroughly, objectively and independently and to seek to resolve them satisfactorily.

All complaints will be dealt with in confidence with the proviso that enquiries will have to be made to investigate the matters that are the subject of the complaint. Also, an individual against whom a complaint is made has the right to be supplied with a copy of the complaint and to comment on it. Anonymous complaints will not normally be investigated.

The Faculty expects all parties involved in the resolution of a complaint to be professional, courteous and respectful at all times. The Faculty’s definition of acceptable behavior is outlined in Section 6. Where a complaint is shown to be frivolous, vexatious or motivated by malice, it will be dismissed and disciplinary action may be taken against the student.

The Faculty will not normally consider complaints that are made more than 28 days after the occurrence unless there is good reason for the delay.