Standard units

The University weights courses in terms of units (#), chosen to represent the effort expected of a student, including both class contact hours and private study time; one #2 course = 10-12 hours/week/semester (approximately). For more information see courses explained.

Course details (electronic course profile)

Electronic Course Profiles are available online through various University webpages, including:

  • mySI-net for the courses in which you are enrolled
  • Blackboard under the 'Course Profile' button for courses in which you are enrolled and which have Blackboard course websites
  • The UQ Programs and Courses website either by selecting the course from your Course List or searching for a course in the search facility

Once course profiles for all of your courses have been published, mySI-net allows you to produce combined reports for all of your courses. For example, you can get a list of all of your assessment items and their due dates for all courses for the semester. Reports are available for:

  • Assessment Items
  • Learning Activities (e.g. lectures, tutorials)
  • Learning Resources
  • Graduate Attributes