For students who commenced from 2017 onwards. If you commenced in this program prior to 2017, you will need to follow the program rules from the year you commenced.

A revised program structure for the Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws (Honours) (BCom/LLB(Hons)) has commenced in 2019, as a result of a recent program review of the Bachelor of Commerce (BCom).

If you are commencing in the BCom component of the dual program for the first time in 2019, you must follow the new rules and course list.

If you were enrolled in the BCom in 2017 or 2018, you may choose either to complete your studies under the 2018 program rules and course list, or the program rules and course list in place from 2019. You cannot, however, do a mixture of both – you must follow either the 2018 requirements and course list, or the 2019 requirements and course list.

The table below summarises the main changes which have been made to the BCom component for students commencing from 2019 – 

Pre-2019 From 2019
22 units (11 courses) of compulsory courses from Group 1 14 units (7 courses) of compulsory courses from Part A, including a new ECON and FINM course which cannot be taken if you remain under the pre-2019 rules
A major is optional and comprised of 10 units (if no major, 10 units of BCom Group 3 electives required) A major is compulsory and comprises 12 units
No room for additional BCom electives 6 units of BCom Part B/C electives

*The following information is only for students who were enrolled in the BCom in 2017 or 2018:

In making a decision about which rules/course list to follow, you will need to consider the courses you have already completed and are currently enrolled in.  If you change to the 2019 rules, course credit will only be given where it fits within the new rules.  Please also note a BCom major is compulsory under the 2019 rules and this requirement may place greater restrictions on exchange opportunities.

To help you decide whether it will be more beneficial to complete your studies under the old rules or the new rules, we recommend you complete a progression check for each version of the rules.  When completing the check, please remember to refer to the program requirements and course list for the appropriate year on the Programs and Courses website. To view the appropriate year, select the relevant year from the drop down box next to ‘show information for’ (in the top right hand corner of the page) and click change, then select your program from the list.

Note, the table above provides a basic summary of the changes – for a comprehensive comparison you need to compare the rules and course lists and complete a progression check.

If you have further questions about the changes and how they affect you, please contact us and if you were enrolled in the BCom in 2017 or 2018, include a copy of your completed progression check for both sets of rules.