The Edge Student Leadership Series

The Edge Student Leadership Series connects BEL students with inspirational leaders including CEOs, managing directors, partners, general managers and entrepreneurs from a range of industries.

Our guest speakers share their personal and career journeys, giving you invaluable first-hand insight into how business leaders get to the top of their game and how they overcome challenges.

By attending you will:

  • Learn what it takes to get to the top of the business/corporate world
  • Hear directly from a person at the top of the corporate ladder on how they personally got to the top of their game
  • Learn key success principles outside of the classroom gained from real-life experience
  • Learn how others navigate the challenging corporate world
  • Hear from an industry leader about their interesting career path
  • Be motivated and inspired to be the best in your chosen career

What are the chances of you as a student learning first hand from an inspirational business leader? Most employees don’t even get a chance to connect directly with their CEO or Senior Executive in a personal and intimate way like the Edge Student Leadership Series allows you to. Come and connect with outstanding business leaders and learn from their stories so you too can aspire to become a successful business leader.

Previously, we have had the privilege of some of Australia’s most notable business leaders presenting at the Edge Student Leadership Series, such as: Alex Malley, CEO of CPA Australia and the author of the best-selling book “The naked CEO” and Phillip Di Bella, the Founder and CEO of Di Bella Coffee and one of BRW’s most celebrated entrepreneurs.