Career Success Program

The Career Success Program is a series of engaging and interactive workshops designed to increase your awareness of the skills and traits employers are looking for in outstanding graduate employees.

Practise skills to help you when applying and interviewing for jobs. Topics include but are not limited to preparing CVs and cover letters, interviewing techniques and role playing, gaining an awareness of the Australian and global business culture, fine tuning your negotiation, networking, interpersonal and presentation skills.

Partnering with industry experts, the aim of this program is to assist you to achieve long term career success. SET yourself apart from the rest by cultivating skills that will advance you.

By actively participating in this program, you will:

  • be more prepared for a highly competitive graduate market
  • stay up to date with current industry and employer trends and expectations
  • discover key skills that help you transition from student to employee
  • practice and develop skills in a safe environment and receive constructive feedback that supports your growth
  • learn about expected workplace behaviours and how to develop attributes to help achieve your career goals and aspirations
  • receive support in developing your own plan and strategies to achieve your career goals
  • take advantage of opportunities to connect with and grow your professional and business network

Each session runs for 60-90 minutes and is highly engaging and interactive.



Attendance at 5 workshops and participation at the mock interview and/or the pitching session over a period of 12 months (2 consecutive semesters) will earn you a certificate of participation. This certificate can be presented to potential employers to demonstrate the proactive steps you have taken to develop your key employability and career success skills. The certification ceremony is a “drinks and canapés” and networking event that also provides a real-life opportunity for you to network directly with industry.

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