Employer-led Workshops

These informative and insightful workshops cover the whole job application process, from start to finish. Topics range from targeting potential employers and applying, through interviews and assessment centres, to managing job offers. Attending will increase your understanding of the job application process, and how to be competitive in that process. The workshops provide the opportunity to engage with employers, hear advice directly from them about applications, and learn more about their graduate recruitment processes. You will also have the opportunity to network with employers to create a great first impression.

By actively participating in the workshops, you will:

  • Understand the different stages of the job application process
  • Develop techniques to succeed in your job applications
  • Understand the recruitment processes of participating employers
  • Develop connections with potential future employers

Each session runs for 60-90 minutes and consists of advice about specific aspects of the recruitment process, presentations by the participating employers on their student and graduate opportunities, and a networking session.

Workshop series information

Workshop 1: Pre-preparation

During this session we will be exploring pre-preparation of understanding how to research a company and preparing how to apply to a graduate program.

Workshop 2: Applications

During this session we will be exploring how to write a successful application for graduate positions from a public sector perspective and a private sector perspective.

Workshop 3: Testing

During this session we will be holding a general discussion on the different types of online testing used within the commercial recruitment process to help you familiarise yourself with them and learn how to prepare for them.

Workshop 4: Assessment Centres

During this session we will be exploring Assessment Centres and how you can prepare for them and succeed. Topics include Group Activities, Case Studies, Interviews & Networking in Assessment Centres.

Workshop 5: Networking

During this session you will learn how to network effectively with recruiters to kick-start your career.

Workshop 6: Interviewing

A general discussion on interviewing, preparation, presentation and tips on how to make a good impression.