Title: Becoming competitive in a global recruitment process

Time and Date: 3.30-5pm, Saturday 4 December 2021

Location: Seminar presented via Zoom

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Creating a LinkedIn profile will not be enough to gain international job offers; even if you seek the help of a recruitment agency, jobs will not fall into your lap with no other effort. Finding graduate employment abroad is complicated and requires preparation, commitment and more than a perfect grade (GPA) from a leading University. Completing in-depth research on the expectations of employers in your country of choice, will yield better results quicker and prevent you from making decisions which may affect your success after graduation.

If you’re thinking: “I want to work abroad” —we are glad to hear it. If you have already begun looking for work or just beginning to think about it, this workshop will provide you with a solid foundation on where to begin. Come along to hear tips and advice to better your chances at securing international jobs!

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