The COVID-19 pandemic has led to much more time at home, fewer trips to the shops, extensive closure of businesses, and the near-disappearance of leisure activities. This webinar will explore findings from new research on this unprecedented restriction of movement from the perspective of businesses and the environment.

The panel will discuss the environmental benefits weighted against the mental health issues from teleworking. The panel will also talk through how managers can best leverage the benefits of working from home while managing potential risks.

Panel members:

  • Dr Nicole Hartley – MBA Director
  • Associate Professor David Solnet - Associate Professor of Service Management
  • Ya-Yen Sun - Senior Lecturer in Tourism
  • Moderator: Associate Professor Jacquelyn Humphrey - Associate Professor in Finance

This initiative is brought to you by the UQ Business School Interdisciplinary Research Themes:

  • Business Sustainability Initiative – Building resilience and adapting to change
  • Future of Health – Enabling transformative patient-centric healthcare delivery
  • Service Innovation Alliance – Future proofing service organisations

This event is presented by the UQ Business School.

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