Once your final results are released you can ask for feedback on your results. In certain circumstances, if you fail a course you may be given an opportunity to pass the course by being granted supplementary assessment. You should consult my.UQ for information on supplementary assessment.

If you fail a course which is compulsory for your program you will be required to repeat the course in a future semester.

If you fail a general elective course, you can either choose to repeat the failed course or select a different course to take.

If you fail a course towards your major, there may be an alternative course available to complete (check your program’s course list), otherwise you will have to repeat the course.

In the event that you fail a course you will need to carefully reconsider your Program Plan, particularly if the course you have failed was a prerequisite to further studies.

If you have failed multiple courses and/or your semester GPA is below 3.5, you should familiarise yourself with The University’s policy on Academic Standing.

We also encourage you to identify why you are struggling with your studies and make the changes required to ensure academic success – look at the support for study concerns webpage for further advice.

You can also make an appointment to speak with a Learning Advisor at Student Services, who can assist with developing study skills.