How to get jobs

First time applying for jobs or professional work experience? or lacking in confidence and just don’t know where to start?

Our How to Get Jobs workshops are informal, fun and entry-level. They help you practice the skills that you need to get a job by participating in group activities in a safe environment.

Each session covers a specific employment topic including:

  1. Resumes and cover letters
  2. Networking and personal branding
  3. Interviews and assessment centres
  4. Finding casual jobs, professional internships, volunteer opportunities and career planning.

Each topic is offered twice so you have a choice of times from which to pick.

By attending these workshops, you will:

  • learn industry insights from a former recruiter about what employers are looking for
  • get results-focused and practical tips to help you get jobs and internships
  • participate in interactive employment activities
  • practice your job skills in a safe learning environment
  • build your confidence 
  • build your network with other students.