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Online orientation information for students commencing in the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law in Semester 1, 2021


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An overview of BEL services, places and social spaces


BEL student services

Choosing courses

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To choose courses that count toward graduation, you need to follow your program plan.  BEL Faculty maintains your BEL program plan, which is updated from time-to time. Check in with your program plan every semester when choosing courses. 

Career services

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As a BEL student, you have access to a dedicated Career Services team to explore career options, develop your employability skills, gain professional experiences, network with industry and build your profile. Keep an eye out for opportunities from Career Services in your Facebook stream and BEL 'What's On' e-newsletters.

News and events

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On Facebook, like your School and student societies related to your field of study for the latest news and gatherings. Your school will make announcements about opportunities specific to your discipline.  Joining a peer group is part of developing your professional identity.

Credit for past study

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If you want credit for past study, you need to apply online as soon as possible for it to count this semester. Help is available if this is a problem for you. Find out more.

BEL contacts

Domestic undergraduate students

If you have any questions about your BEL bachelor degree or courses, contact the BEL Student Centre. We're here to help.

If you are unsure about which courses to select or are experiencing difficulties impacting your ability to study, don't delay. Contact us so we can help you sort things out.

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BEL Student Centre

International undergraduate students

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In your first semester, if you need any help with your BEL studies, credit transfer or planning your enrolment, contact your dedicated First Semester Advisors in the BEL Student Centre.


All postgraduate students

If you have any questions related to your studies, including course enrolment and credit transfer, please consult your school:

Business - Study plans | info@business.uq.edu.au | Visit BEL Student Centre
Economics - Program plans | econ.pgrad@uq.edu.au
Law - Masters guide - pglaw@law.uq.edu.au

Common areas

Colin Clark Building

As a BEL student, your common areas are in the Colin Clark Building, also known as Building #39. The ground floor, the Colin Clark Courtyard, is a large space with a student kitchen, outdoor area, and rooms around the edges to suit collaborative study,  consultation with tutors and Career Services, and student society meetings.  The top floor of the Colin Clark is home to a cafe with river views and breezes. 

Students at table in Colin Clark Courtyard
Colin Clark Courtyard
Students in Colin Clark kitchen
Colin Clark kitchen


24/7 computer and printer access

As a UQ student, you have 24/7 access to UQ library facilities including computers and printers. In addition, you have 24/7 access to printers and over 200 computers exclusively for BEL students in the Chamberlain Building. More about computer facilities just for BEL students.


BEL online

Zoom for online classes

For online classes, you will be using Zoom video conferencing software. Read our advice about setting up Zoom to enjoy your classes.

BEL Faculty online

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Explore the BEL Faculty website (this website) for all Faculty services and advice. The 'For students' section in the main menu is for you.

Offshore students

if you are logging in from another country, you can access UQ resources through a VPN (virtual private network).

PRC flagIf you are located in China, follow these steps to install and configure a VPN.

If you are located in a different country, follow the standard VPN guide.

Orientation presentation recordings

In case you missed it, watch recordings of Orientation presentations.

Warm best wishes with your studies


Check in with your program plan when you are choosing courses

Contact us (PDF, 143kb) if you have any questions

Enjoy connecting with your new peers.