The Frank Finn Scholarships reward hard work and support continued academic excellence in the study of Commerce at The University of Queensland.

The Frank Finn Scholarships honour the lifelong commitment of Professor Frank Finn to the teaching of Commerce.

Awarded based on academic merit and financial need the Frank Finn Scholarships help the very best students complete their UQ Business School Commerce degree with a stronger focus on their studies.

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Emeritus Professor Frank Finn

Professor Finn graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in 1966, followed by Honours in 1967. During Honours, Professor Finn won The University of Queensland Evening and External Students’ Scholarship. This scholarship was an enormous help to Professor Finn during his early career and something he has never forgotten. In 1971 Professor Finn won the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan-Canadian Award (Accountancy). Coupled with full time employment and raising a young family he began studying his PhD in Finance at UQ. He graduated in 1980.

Professor Finn became a Lecturer at UQ, in the Department of Commerce In 1969. During this period he continued to study as well as work full time. He became a Senior Lecturer in the early 70’s and continued to gain promotion, holding positions such as Head of School and Faculty Dean. Professor Finn retired as the Director of Studies for the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law (BEL) in 2008.

Professor Finn is held in high regard by his former pupils, his colleagues and peers in academia and the professions. In 2007, galvanised by his impending retirement, many of them collaborated to establish the Frank Finn Scholarships. They gave generously to launch an endowment fund to assist Commerce students to continue their studies. Announced at a dinner in his honour Professor Finn was clearly moved by the gesture and reaffirmed that the scholarships he won as a young man helped him enormously and that the Frank Finn Scholarships reflected his own wishes to support the future students of UQ.

Scholar honour board

Year Name
2009 Mr Tristan James Fitzgerald
2009 Mr Wei-Lun Lee
2009 Mr William Toe
2010 Mr Jun Chang Cai
2010 Mr Jeremy Michael Evans
2010 Ms Katie Rose Wood
2011 Mr Ronghong Huang
2011 Mr Jonathan Lay
2012 Mr Adrian Richards
2012 Mr Clifton Toh
2013 Mr Louis Banks
2013 Mr Graeme Sicklemore
2013 Ms Pei Wun Han
2014 Mr Jake Muspratt
2014 Mr Hengsheng Nie
2015 Mr Suyashi Mahton 
2015 Mr Daniel Yeow

Donor honour board

The University of Queensland and the UQ Business School wish to acknowledge the supporters of the Frank Finn Scholarships. Your generous support has provided a wonderful opportunity for Commerce students to excel in their studies.

Mr Michael Alexander
Mr Reid Archibald
Mr Donald & Mrs Shelley Argent
Mr Mohamed & Mrs Noorul Ariff
Professor Timothy Brailsford
Professor R Brooks 
Mr David Brown
Mr Philip Brown
Associate Professor C A Brown
Mr Christopher Burrell
Professor V J Callan
Ms Carla Caro
Mr Peter Chancellor
Miss Y Chu
Professor P M Clarkson
Ms V Clout
Ms C A Cochrane
Ms Victoria Comino
Dr Mary & Dr Timothy Cooney
Mr Timothy Crommelin
Dr J Cotter
Ms D Daly
Professor K L Dunstan
Professor R W Faff
Professor Kevin Fagg
Mr Michael Fallon
Mr Trevor Finlay
FinIQ Solutions Pty. Ltd.
Emeritus Professor Francis & Ms Lynette Finn
Mr Patrick Finnimore
Ms L Fletcher
Mr B J D & Mrs K G Grace
Professor Stephen Gray
Dr Bruce Grundy
Dr Jason Hall
Dr Donald Hamson
Dr D C Hayes
Mr Ronald Higham
Mr S A Holden
Mr Anthony Humphrys
Dr M Igarashi
Miss Angela Karl
Professor Allan Kleidon
Mr Garry & Mrs Bernadette Lester
Mr Walter & Mrs Elizabeth Lewin
Mr Hoon Sun & Mrs Brenda Loh
Mr Ian Macoun
Mr J McClelland
Dr S M McNamara
Emeritus Professor Geoffrey Meredith
Mr Nicholas Mole
Mr John Moore
Mr Simon Moore
Ms Bronwyn Morris
Mr G R Muller
Mr Robert Officer
Mrs L M O'Grady
Professor T B O'Keefe
Mr B Oliver
Mr Simon Porter
Mrs Rosemary Price
Mr Rodney Pronger
Associate Professor A Ramsay
Mr Peter Rasey
Dr Norbury Rogers AO & Mrs Diana Rogers
Professor Thomas M Smith
Mr Kevin Stevenson
Mr Abraham Tochterman
Mr William Toe
Dr S Treepongkaruna
Mr David Usasz
Dr J K Walker
Dr S Wallace
Ms J Waters
Dr D J H Watson
Professor Ronald & Mrs Kay Weber
Mr Bruce White
Miss Jennifer Wilkins
Mr John Wylie; AM & Mrs Myriam Wylie
Mr R M Wylie OBE
Professor Ian & Mrs Louise Zimmer
Mr Xiongang Zou
Australian National University
Australia & International Holdings Limited
Burrell Stockbroking Pty Ltd
Pipal Gold Pty Ltd

The University of Queensland wishes to acknowledge the kind contributions of anonymous donors.



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