For employers

Our students, graduates and alumni are high-calibre individuals who have applied themselves to both academic achievement and practical skill development. They come from diverse backgrounds and share a desire to make a difference to the organisations they work within. Our more than 55,000 alumni represent a vast pool of talent.

How we can help your business

The BEL Student Employability Team can help you access our students in many ways.  

  • Raise your company brand on campus by profiling your initiatives and opportunities through social media and by participating in our events
  • Connect with students through advertising paid employment opportunities
  • Connect with our students for unpaid work experience, accredited vocational placements and volunteering opportunities
  • Expand your understanding of ways to better connect with graduates.

Work opportunities

We can help you to connect with students in relation to your paid work opportunities. Offering unpaid work experience to students can also provide extra resources and skills for your business and the chance to raise your profile among a student audience.

Organisations often find that they benefit from the up-to-date knowledge and skills and the enthusiasm that a student brings. From the student’s point of view working in industry allows them to explore career options, gain hands-on experience in their field of choice, and achieve competitive advantage in an employment market that values work-ready graduates.

The BEL SET Consultants are happy to be contacted about work or volunteer opportunities and can walk you through the process.

Employer participation in events

We offer our students a program of workshops, seminars and events to provide them with opportunities to hear from industry professionals and organisations.

We encourage our industry partners to get involved in our programs. Examples of our programs where you can get involved include: