Assets are documents or external links to documentation that require additional contextual information such as how to use them, when they were last updated, who maintains them.

  1. In the top menu, hover over ‘Content’, ‘Add content’ and click ‘Asset’
  2. Enter a ‘Title’, ‘Description’, select the ‘Asset type’ (if the appropriate asset type does not exist contact the site administrator), select an ‘Owner’ (if appropriate) and tag with the taxonomy term of the relevant asset type – not the asset type term (if the term doesn’t exist contact the site administrator)
  3. Select the ‘Asset type’ (file or link), click ‘Add Asset’, enter a title (text displayed in download link), ‘Choose File’ and click ‘Upload’
  4. Click ‘Publish’. This asset will now show in any catalogue that references the specified tag
  1. Navigate to the asset and click ‘Edit’
  2. Edit relevant information (if you change the asset name the URL will be updated)
  3. Remove and re-upload the file (if necessary)
  4. Click 'Save'