All media releases must follow the UQ Media Release Style Guide, list UQ as a primary affiliation, and are to be developed with the assistance of the Faculty’s communications team or the relevant representative from a School Marketing Team.


UQ Experts

If you're looking for media coverage and wish to be contacted by media for expert commentary, please ensure your details are up-to-date on UQ Experts.

UQ Experts is a searchable database of UQ staff available to share their specialist knowledge and research developments with domestic and international media. Our experts reinforce UQ’s position as a world-leading research institution and one of only three Australian universities listed in the top 100 in the four leading independent university ranking tables. Expert commentary from UQ staff can add depth and value to media coverage on a broad range of issues.

Copywriting and Copybank

OMC has developed Copybank, a database of up-to-date, approved marketing copy about UQ, with generic UQ descriptors ranging from 25 to 500 words, as well as wording for campuses, institutes, the Create Change brand, facts and statistics, the strategic plan and much more.

Each piece of copy on the site is available either as plain text or a ‘snippet’, which can be added to any UQ Drupal website. Every time a snippet is updated on Copybank, it will also update on all other sites the Drupal coding is used on. Copybank also has current information about honorary doctorates and their naming conventions.

The online guide to written style at UQ is an authoritative guide for staff when writing any internal or external communications and marketing materials across all print and digital media.

All UQ staff can now access Copybank directly or via the OMC homepage (UQ log-in required).

For assistance or to discuss contributing copy from your area, you can either fill out the form on the site or email

If you require assistance with copywriting for BEL, SET, ISU, AIBE, CBEH, Student Experience Team, Advancement or the Law School, please contact BEL Marketing.

Communications and news stories

If you know or hear about something newsworthy such as an amazing staff or student achievement or initiative that would interest the wider public, please let us know!

Our in-house professional writers can produce engaging and interesting news articles for the BEL, AIBE, CBEH and Law websites, and UQ News as appropriate. These can also be shared across social media and internal comms channels where relevant.

Please provide adequate lead time where possible. For example, if you are requesting a wrap-up news story on an upcoming event, at least two weeks' notice is ideal.

Send us your inspirational story ideas via email.