The BEL Marketing and Communications team can work with you to develop engaging photography and video content. We can manage your project to ensure you receive value for money and deliver a final product that is fit for purpose (based on the intended distribution/promotional channel), on brand and meets your needs.

Our in-house photographer can be booked to capture stills of your exciting event, important ceremony or staff member.  While we don't have an in-house videographer, we do have a reliable bank of trusted suppliers to get the job done. To see the UQ panel of Preferred Suppliers of Photography/Videography, please click here (UQ log-in required).

Staff photo shoots

Bi-annually we hold staff photo shoots where BEL and School employees have the opportunity to get their professional profile picture taken. These are always taken in the Great Court between Buildings 3 and 5 during the university breaks of Semester 1 and 2. They are primarily required for use on Faculty/School websites and/or publications, and will also be shared with you for your personal use i.e. LinkedIn profile photo.

The BEL Marketing and Communications team will contact the relevant Managers/Administration Coordinators towards the start of each semester with specific information to coordinate these sessions.

Annual student photo shoot

Once a year, during Semester 2, the BEL Marketing and Communications team also coordinates a large-scale student photo shoot (with approx. 80 students) to ensure we hold a healthy bank of high-quality images and testimonials for our domestic, international, undergraduate and postgraduate students.

If you require a BEL student image and/or testimonial, please contact us with the relevant details.

Event photography and videography

If you require professional photography or a video of your event, please complete the Photography and Videography Brief Form detailing as much information as possible. This document is used to determine whether your request is justified based on the resources required, costs associated and the subsequent projected return on investment.

The completed form is also used to brief-in the photographer/videographer, therefore it is again very important that it is completed as thoroughly as possible.

If you require photography of your event, please submit your completed form no later than four weeks prior to the event.

If you require videography of your event, please submit your completed form no later than six weeks prior to the event.