UQ’s brand revolves around the platform of ‘Create change’. 

‘Create change’ is the single, differentiated brand platform for UQ. The main elements of ‘Create change’ include:

  • Brand essence – positive transformation
  • Brand expression – UQ will transform you so that you can create change in the world
  • Tagline – Create change

The strategic direction has been developed to reinforce our market leadership position, motivate and inspire our audiences, unite all facets of the organisation, and elevate UQ to a brand of global standing. The create change platform allows us to tell the stories of our students, staff, alumni and researchers, whether they are creating change locally or globally.

You can read more about the UQ Brand on the OMC website, and also download branded templates for emails, PPTs, screen savers and video.



The UQ Brand and Corporate Identity provides guidance for developing branded materials and the use of the UQ logo.

To request the UQ, BEL, School, CBEH or AIBE logos in different layouts, sizes and formats please contact BEL Marketing.

Student Recruitment Campaign

Read more about the 2017 Student Recruitment campaign or view the campaign summary.

Why do we need guidelines?

Building a strong, global brand is not just about logo conformity but about how we reflect ourselves to the outside world and how they, in turn, see us.

It’s not just about consistency of visual identity: industry research has shown a weak brand identity can impact global rankings due to misattribution and lower recognition.

“…creating awareness around UQ’s brand and research is critical in attracting academic talent, attracting international students and forging strategic partnerships, but it’s also very important in building institutional reputation which is a significant factor in the university’s ranking score.”

Michael Lubacz, Strategic Solutions Director, Times Higher Education –World University Rankings

”It is important to point out the importance of an institutional brand with the global academic community when looking at rankings and those that use reputation as we do (40%) and a further 10% from employers … The University of Queensland clearly has a strong presence in rankings, appearing in our top 50, but that could be improved by constant brand messaging that filters down to those who complete surveys…’”

Jason Newman, Commercial Director, QS Intelligence Unit, QS World University Rankings®

The UQ brand is valuable and we need to use it appropriately and consistently to safeguard its impact and visibility.

While our brand is about much more than the colours and logos we use, they do play an important role in communicating our brand story. If our brand isn’t consistently portrayed and communicated in a particular way and within certain restraints, then our brand is compromised. If your work is not clearly attributed to UQ, you’re missing out on associated credibility and you are also forfeiting an opportunity to add to the UQ brand.