BEL Marketing and Communications manages, maintains, supervises, develops and builds website content and functionality for:

  • BEL Faculty
  • TC Beirne School of Law
  • School of Economics
  • Australian Institute for Business and Economics
  • Centre for the Business and Economics of Health
  • BEL and its school's UQ Future Students program overviews
  • BEL's international student requirement websites

We also support the development of UQ Business School's Executive Education web content and UQ Brisbane City digital requirements. 

Website updates

If you require changes, updates or deletions from any of the BEL Faculty websites (including AIBE and CBEH), please email us at your earliest convenience, following these steps

  1. Copy existing content into a Word document
  2. Turn on Tracked Changes 
  3. Make your edits to the document
  4. Save and email to BEL Website with any additional information required (images/PDFs etc - see naming information below)

In most cases, our digital team is quickly and easily able to make these changes to ensure our internal and external web visitors are receiving accurate and up-to-date information.

Please email your change requests to us and we will usually be able to make these updates within two working days. Some requests may take longer due to website complexities however we will keep in touch with you to ensure you are aware of the progress.

Major website updates (new sections or redesigns of existing sections) require extensive scoping, development and building. These projects can take a number of days or even weeks to complete. Please email us with your request and BEL Marketing and Communications will work with your team to achieve the best outcome for website users and your organisational unit.

Naming and supplying files for upload

When naming any file (including images) intended for upload to any website, please replace all spaces and symbols with underscores. This will ensure URLs to files don’t contain the annoying extra numbers and % symbols. Supply these files as attachments with your web update request.

Website contacts

BEL Marketing and Communications actively manages content for the BEL Faculty, AIBE, CBEH and Law School, Future Students and Hotcourses websites. Please refer to the table below for all BEL-associated website contacts.

Website Site owner Contact for updates
BEL Faculty Liam McGuigan
UQ Business School Josh Bouwman
School of Economics SoE IT
TC Beirne School of Law Liam McGuigan
Australian Institue for Business and Economics Liam McGuigan
Centre for the Business and Economics of Health Liam McGuigan
Future Students (BEL program overviews) Liam McGuigan
Hotcourses (international student recruitment) Liam McGuigan

Content-specific website request information

General website updates

All site updates must be sent to Updates should be sent in the form of a tracked-change word document, where existing content is copied from the webpage in question, attached to an email with a concise and descriptive subject, include the URL of the page to be updated, and include any images/documents or links to supporting video or external content.

Your request will be reviewed within 1 business day, and queued to be actioned within 1-2 business days. Where a request will attract a longer processing time, the ETA will be communicated with relevant stakeholders and all parties will be kept up-to-date with progress.

Note: As a general rule of thumb, basic edits to text and images (where all content is supplied by the stakeholder) will be completed within 1-2 business days. New content, or structural/layout updates to existing content will have a minimum 5 working day processing time applied. Please keep this in mind when requesting updates. Also be aware that priorities can shift unexpectedly based on requests from other stakeholders, causing delays to the above estimated timeframes. Business critical changes or changes which result in revenue or leads will be the priority.

Staff profiles

BEL, Economics and AIBE websites

Staff profiles are manually curated for the BEL Faculty website. BEL M&C must be notified by the relevant stakeholder/manager/staff member to add a staff member’s profile to the website. A placeholder image will be used until a suitable profile shot is supplied, ideally as a result of the Staff Photo Shoot. To have a staff member added to the website please email with:

  • full name
  • preferred name (if different)
  • postnominals (if required)
  • position
  • email address
  • location & availability (if required)
  • photo (if they have a suitable one already)
  • UQ Researcher ID and eSpace Author ID (if they have one)
  • Team to be assigned to (including if they are to be listed in ‘Leaders’)
Law and CBEH websites

Staff profiles are automatically imported from propriatary HR systems, UQ Researchers and eSpace databases. Academics and those with UQ Researchers profiles are imported with their research bios and publications, and a link to their profile. Staff without UQ Researcher profiles are brought in with information (title, phone, email, name etc) from the HR systems.

People’s titles will update with overnight imports however their physical position on the Our people page is manually managed. Please advise as soon as possible of these updates. Profiles will be sorted in their teams alphabetically by default, unless I’m advised otherwise (i.e. for senior academic/professional staff).

People profiles should unpublish automatically with overnight imports if they leave the school and their HR profile is updated (to remove the Organisation Unit reference). If you see profiles that should not be showing on the site please email


When requesting a new event for the website please complete this form.

When requesting new sessions for existing events please supply the following information:

  • Session name
  • Session start and end date and times
  • Session description
  • Room and building/address
  • Teaser image (unless already supplied for previous session)
  • If registration required, supply registration link and date to open and close registrations

Article (news/research stories etc)

All articles must be submitted through the stakeholder’s relevant media/communications contact.

Research projects, school centres and working groups

All projects must be submitted to They will be reviewed by the relevant research teams to be deemed appropriate for web publishing. When submitting a project please include:

  • Project title
  • Brief summary
  • Description
  • Start and end dates (month and year)
  • Funding source
  • Area/field of research
  • Researchers/project members
  • Advise if project is to be featured/highlighted anywhere on the website

All new projects will only be added in the project template (example). Mini-site structures will only be considered if the project is of exceptional significance to the school with regards to research ranking/assessment. If approved by the Head of Org Unit, School/Institute/Faculty Research team and Faculty Marketing Senior Manager, all content will need to be supplied for the entire ‘mini-site’ before work will commence. This is a requirement from UQ Drupal to ensure the system-generated menu structures function correctly. (I’m sending another email shortly about this and a few other points of order for site updates).

This policy on mini-sites extends to school research centres and working groups.

Website update request

BEL Faculty, AIBE, CBEH, Law, Future Students, Hotcourses

New event listing request

Please note: Event website listing requests are not requests for BEL M&C event support


Other BEL sites

Please refer to the website contacts table.