Traditional methods are increasingly being challenged by a generation of students who have been learning in different styles throughout their childhood and school life. The ‘Net generation’ of students look to having a learning engagement environment that they are used to when dealing with learning activities and assessment tasks. BEL has a long track record of promoting ways to promote student engagement and the adoption of learning technology is now being successfully implemented.

2018 Teaching and Learning Awards

Applications for the 2018 BEL Faculty Teaching and Learning Awards are now open.

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Office of the Associate Dean (Academic)

The BEL Faculty’s Associate Dean (Academic) has a broad ranging role which includes development and administration of policy in relation to academic programs in the Faculty, management of the Faculty’s Teaching and Learning program, student management, and representing the Faculty on a range of University Committees.

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Teaching support and resources

The University of Queensland is committed to excellence of learning experiences and outcomes. Find out more about the University’s Teaching and Learning strategic priorities and people and committees which are particularly relevant to the formation and management of teaching.

We have created a community resource site - The BEL Teaching and Learning Resource Hub - located under My Communities on Blackboard.


Blackboard has been subscribed to by The University of Queensland for over 6 years. Numerous research projects have evaluated its effectiveness in administrative efficiencies and student engagement. The continuing enhancement of online educational technology has been driven by the students. Best practice recommendations for the use of Blackboard to help students engage with their learning have been identified from this research.

UQ has also mandated the use of Blackboard for every undergraduate course; provided guest access to all students and staff to Blackboard courses other than their own, and initiated a Mobile Learn app so students can access their courses using mobile devices. It has taken the new policy of ‘minimum presence’ to result in eLearning now being characterised as a mainstream feature of the undergraduate student UQ experience. This mainstream feature will always be considered in the context of the role of individual Schools to develop learning styles to suit their students.

Continuing professional development

Staff Development:

Tutor Training:

Tutors and sessional academic staff play a vital role in teaching and learning. As of 2011, the University has adopted an institutional approach to ensuring all new tutors and sessional academic staff receive high quality teaching and learning training.

  • UQ tutors
    UQ tutors are a critical part of a student’s learning experience. This site collates important administrative, and teaching and learning information for tutors.
  • Tutoring at UQ
    The Tutors@UQ program – training and staff development options for tutors and sessional academic staff.

Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation

The Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation (ITaLI) provides leadership, engagement and advocacy in educational innovation, teaching excellence and learning analytics and aims to transform and innovate teaching, learning and creativity.

ITaLI is headed by the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning) [PVC (T&L)] and is loosely organised around two themes. The first is teaching excellence and includes digital learning. The second is Analytics and includes UQx. However, the unit operates on a project basis drawing on the expertise of staff across all these areas as required.

ITaLI is designed to respond to projects prioritised by a governance structure that connects School and Faculty teaching and learning needs with institutional strategic priorities.

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