Unfortunately there will be no new offerings of this Scholarship. You may be able to arrange with your organisational unit some financial support through PPL 5.80.07 Study Assistance Scheme for Professional Staff https://ppl.app.uq.edu.au/content/5.80.07-study-assistance-scheme-professional-staff

Current recipients of this Scholarship will continue to receive the Scholarship as per the conditions below and/or as stated in their Scholarship offer letter.

Scholarship Conditions

The BEL Faculty Postgraduate Coursework Scholarship Scheme for Professional Staff is intended to assist and support staff development in the professional (not academia) sector at UQ. The scholarship will entitle the successful applicants to receive a 50% discount on their course fees for their approved postgraduate coursework program administered by the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law. A scholarship will be granted for only one program at a time, and will be granted for the program to which the staff member has been admitted.  Staff are expected to enrol in their nominated program in the semester for which the scholarship has been awarded.

The scholarship will be renewed at the end of each semester of the program if the holder:

  1. obtains satisfactory grades; and
  2. makes a satisfactory rate of progress towards completing their program; and
  3. remains a continuing professional staff member of The University of Queensland throughout the program of study.

The Executive Dean alone will determine the meaning of the word “satisfactory” for the purpose of (a) and (b).

The scholarship will not be automatically transferable for staff members who articulate/progress to a higher program within a suite, or to another postgraduate coursework program within the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law.  

Staff wishing to defer or interrupt studies in their program for a semester or longer must seek permission from the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law for their scholarship to be deferred/interrupted, rather than just not enrol. Please note that staff will also be required to separately contact their relevant School in order to defer/interrupt studies within their program. Approval from the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law to defer/interrupt the scholarship does not automatically grant approval to defer/interrupt studies within the program and vice versa.  Deferment/interruption to the scholarship and deferment/interruption to studies within the program are two separate processes.

Staff who do not continue to meet all of the requirements in (a), (b), and (c) as stated above will forfeit the scholarship and this will result in the scholarship being withdrawn.

Further information

Further information is available from the Manager, Student Experience (Student Support)
within the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law - Telephone: 3346 9061 or email dstrachan@bel.uq.edu.au