Researcher biography

Professor Michael Brünig is Academic Dean and Head of School of Business at The University of Queensland.

Professor Brünig has experience in R&D in academia, industry, and government agencies and has worked in high tech areas in Europe, the USA, and Australia. He obtained his Ph.D. from RWTH Aachen University in Germany where he worked for the first five years of his career.

Prior to his engagement with UQ, Professor Brünig worked with CSIRO where he led the initiative to establish a National Research Flagship on Digital Productivity. As a member of CSIRO’s Executive Management Council, he most recently guided this $90M per annum business unit through a merger process with National ICT Australia to form Data61, a new entity with focus on data innovation in Australia. Professor Brünig was also the Executive Manager of CSIRO's Queensland Centre for Advanced Technologies, a large engineering research site in Brisbane, hosting R&D centres from industry and government agencies. Before coming to Australia in 2007, Professor Brünig was with the Robert Bosch Corporation R&D in Silicon Valley, California.

Professor Brünig was an Adjunct Professor with The University of Queensland from 2009 and has served on the Schools’ Engineering Industry Advisory Board. His many committee and board memberships included the role of Australia’s representative on the International Forum of Aerospace Researchers, the board of the Australian Research Centre for Aerospace Automation and the board of the Australian eHealth Research Centre. Professor Brünig has published a book and more than 50 papers in technical journals or conference proceedings with more than 650 lifetime citations. His personal research interests include sensing, data capture, analytics and automation.