Come and join us to learn about the world of birds.

With a focus on studying birds in the places where they live, we will visit rainforests, reefs and everywhere in between. With our pioneering series of field lectures, we will spend our time learning while immersed in watching birds in their habitats on a field trip around south-eastern Queensland. We will learn first-hand how birds are uniquely adapted to the habitats in which they live, how to study them, and how their populations are being impacted by human activities.

You will come away from the course armed with a deep understanding and knowledge of bird biology. And a memorable first-hand experience of these most fascinating and beautiful of creatures.

Your facilitators

Professor Richard FullerProfessor Richard Fuller
School of Biological Sciences

Richard has been fascinated by birds since childhood, and is now lucky enough to be studying nature for a living. His research at The University of Queensland studies how people have impacted the natural world around them, and how some of their destructive effects can best be reversed. He also works to understand how people benefit from experiences of biodiversity. Most of his work uses birds as a study system, and he is an active ornithologist in Queensland and beyond.

Dr Brad Woodworth
School of Biological Sciences

Brad studies the migratory shorebirds of the East Asian-Australasian flyway. He is investigating why some species are declining are so quickly, and what we can do to conserve their populations. He also uses satellite telemetry to track the amazing journeys of migratory shorebirds, and is engaged in field bird studies around the world.

Course snapshot


Pending; July 2021

Contact hours

45 academic contact hours


Key concepts quiz, bird identification quiz, field project and presentation

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