If you do not meet the entry requirements for your preferred program, for example, your OP, rank or cumulative grade point average (cGPA) is insufficient or you don’t have the necessary level of maths, you can accept a place in another program and work to ‘upgrade’ to gain a place in your preferred program.

If your goal is to upgrade, it is important to put a plan in place which will give you the best chance of meeting the entry requirements for your preferred program.

Make the BEL Student Experience Officer (SEO) for your program aware of your goal to upgrade by emailing bel@uq.edu.au or attending a drop-in or consultation session. Your SEO can:

  • talk to you about your study strengths and assist you to put a study plan in place to maximise your chance of upgrading
  • check you are enrolling in courses which will credit towards your current program and also maximise potential credit for your preferred program
  • provide you with honest advice and examples about your chance of achieving the entry requirements for your preferred program
  • make sure you are not attempting courses before you are ready, for example, where you have not passed pre-requisite courses
  • make sure you understand the implications of the faculty’s maximum transfer credit rules.

Trying to ‘fly under the radar’ and plan your own program generally does not have a good outcome.   Students tend to undertake difficult courses before they are ready and often either don’t pass the course/s or struggle to get a passing grade.  Instead of improving their GPA, their GPA drops and they end up further away from their goal of upgrading.

Remember, be realistic about your goal to upgrade. Give it your best shot but know when to make the decision to work towards completing your current program. If you haven’t achieved the required GPA to change to your program after one year of full-time study, seek further advice from us.

For more information on upgrading, visit the Future Students website.