Applications for 2017 are now open

This scholarship encourages collaboration and teamwork between high-performing Honours students from the UQ Business School and School of Economics at The University of Queensland.

Recipients must write a proposal for a collaborative research article, the topic of which is chosen by the Director of the Australian Institute for Business and Economics. In 2017 the topic is:

“'What are the commercial effects of terrorism?”

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must:

  • submit an application by 5pm, Friday 4 August 2017
  • be enrolled full-time in an honours program offered by the UQ Business School or School of Economics
  • have completed the first semester in one of the honours programs at your School
  • not hold another similar scholarship.

A scholarship will be awarded to one applicant from the UQ Business School and one applicant from the School of Economics.

The successful applicant in each School will be the one who has shown the greatest merit as demonstrated by:

  • academic achievements in the first semester of honours (and prior undergraduate studies)
  • the quality of their proposal for the collaborative article
  • other evidence as deemed relevant.



What are the current challenges and what potential opportunities does this present for the Australian economy and how business and governments more effectively collaborate with universities to achieve a more innovative business culture in Australia?


Thi Mai Anh Nguyen
Bachelor of Economics (Honours)

The scholarship lightens my financial burden, thus allowing me to focus my time on studying. The collaboration opportunity that the scholarship presents will be an exciting, practical experience for me to apply my theoretical understanding to a real-word issue with all its complexities that might be detrimental if overlooked. Last but not least, I believe that I will learn several new ideas from the other scholarship recipient while we co-write the paper.

Nkosana Mafico
Business Management (Honours)

This scholarship will enable me to develop my research skills by collaborating with world class academics and a fellow student in the fields of Business and Economics. I will learn about innovative business culture development – this is an area of deep interest for me because I believe innovation is the key to my own career success and that of Australia’s economy. Ultimately, this scholarship shows that UQ, its students and alumni, are dedicated to creating positive societal and economic change by combining word class research training with the pursuit of real world challenges.



What can be done to significantly increase Australia’s productivity in light of challenging economic circumstances?


Lucille Danks and Luke McKenzie



Understanding and Assessing Proposed Regulatory Responses to the Global Financial Crisis


Wayne Chan and Christopher Heard

At a glance

Available to
Current student

Level of study
Undergraduate in honours program

Award value
$5625 per student recipient

How to apply

  1. Fill in the Application Form and attach the supporting documentation
  2. Submit your application by 5pm, Friday 4 August 2017

For further enquiries email