If you are enrolled in a program administered by the Business, Economics and Law (BEL) Faculty you may be granted supplementary assessment only if -

  1. You are in your first 2 semesters of undergraduate study following admission to UQ and you obtain your first grade of 3 (if you obtain more than 1 grade of 3 in the same semester, you can request supplementary assessment for just 1 course - you should choose the course that you feel most confident you will be able to pass);​ OR
  2. You have received a grade of 3 for the final course required to complete program requirements (this means that if you pass the course for which you have obtained a grade of 3, you will be eligible to graduate);​ OR
  3. You receive a grade of 3 in the BAdvFin&Econ(Hons) and require a higher grade to allow progression to the next part of the program under the program rules;


You submit a request for supplementary assessment within 5 calendar days of the release of results.

Supplementary assessment provides you with a second opportunity to demonstrate that you have met the learning requirements to pass a course.

Please read the following 5 important points -

  1. There is no provision in the BEL program rules for you to be granted supplementary assessment if you have not obtained a grade of 3 for the course. Supplementary assessment cannot be granted for a grade of 2, under any circumstances.
  2. In most situations, if you are eligible for supplementary assessment for a course, you will be able to apply using the online function in mySI-net up to 5 calendar days after the release of final results.
  3. If you believe you are eligible for a supplementary and are unable to apply online, you should email academicsupport@bel.uq.edu.au no later than 5 calendar days after the release of results.
  4. You may become eligible for supplementary assessment following a grade change (for example after sitting a deferred examination). In this case you should request supplementary assessment by emailing academicsupport@bel.uq.edu.au no later than 5 days after you are notified of the grade change.
  5. After sitting supplementary assessment you will be given a final grade for the course. In BEL courses, the result you receive will be calculated based only on the marks you received for the supplementary assessment (any progressive assessment marks you received in the course are not counted). A grade of 4 (or P) is the highest grade that can be awarded in a course where supplementary assessment has been granted.

Please see my.UQ for further information on supplementary assessment.