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Our research and action agenda for the infrastructure industry


road diggerInfrastructure and the transition to a decarbonised and circular economy

Infrastructure is critical to social well-being and provides an interface between people and the natural environment. As one of the largest resource consumers the opportunity to realise progress at scale towards net zero emissions, natural capital ambitions and a transition to a circular economy is clear. The scale of materials use leaves the industry highly vulnerable to supply disruption meaning new approaches need to be carefully researched, conceptualised, and tested. This research theme will support efforts by industry and government to transition the infrastructure industry to thrive in a decarbonised and circular economy as well as provide insight on the role infrastructure plays in supporting the economy more broadly to transition.

  • Cristyn Meath
  • Jurij Karlovsek
  • Sue McAvoy
  • Lawrence Miles-Mwangangi
  • Syvannah Wilson
  • Agnes Toth-Peter

leaf on computer motherboardDigitalisation for a sustainable infrastructure future

Digitalisation is transforming the way industries and economies operate globally. In infrastructure, digitalisation provides the potential for radical change, posing both an opportunity and challenge for the industry to navigate. This research theme focuses on understanding how digitalisation can support sustainability outcomes in infrastructure.

  • Jurij Karlovsek
  • Cristyn Meath
  • Gabriel Sunol Marten
  • Syvannah Wilson

large wave with dark clouds, Surfers Paradise in the backgroundResilient infrastructure for life in the Anthropocene

Communities around the world are facing the challenge of rebuilding their homes and critical infrastructure after floods, bushfires and storms. This research theme will provide insights for how we can build and retrofit infrastructure to be resilient and to support resilient communities as extreme weather events increase in severity and occurrence, under life in the Anthropocene. 

  • Cristyn Meath
  • Jurij Karlovsek
  • Pablo Aaranda Valenzuela
  • Syvannah Wilson

Our aims

  • Research excellence
  • Industry-wide impact and translation
  • Scalability of research outcomes
  • Ecological, social and economic sustainability

Our approach to our work

  • Applied and problem-based
  • Co-designed and collaborative
  • Multi/trans-disciplinary


Publications and recordings

  • Voices of Construction: How to build resilient infrastructure, a webinar recording of an international panel discussion including our Director, Dr Cristyn Meath hosted by BESIX Group. 
  • Co-designing a multi-level platform for industry level transition to circular economy principles: A case study of the infrastructure CoLab
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  • Capabilities for circularity: Overcoming challenges to turn waste into a resource. Business Strategy and the Environment. 
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  • Corporate sustainability governance: Insight from the Australian and New Zealand port industry
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