Dear BEL Student

Under the University’s Enrolment and Academic Progression Rules, you have received an Academic Progression Warning from the University’s Academic Registrar following your last semester results. You have received an Academic Progression Warning because your GPA fell to below 3.5 or you have failed at least half of your semester courses. Your Academic Standing is now that of a warned student and you have been officially notified that your academic performance last semester was unsatisfactory.

Although this is a serious situation, it is also an opportunity for you to make the necessary changes now to avoid finding yourself in a situation in the future where you are required to show cause as to why your enrolment at this University should not be cancelled.

Now that you have received an Academic Progression Warning, you are required to complete the BEL Warned Students Assistance Site. This Blackboard Site has been developed to support you to make the changes necessary to improve your academic performance.  

You will receive notification to your University email account when you have been registered on the Site. Access is via your Blackboard Welcome page, after you have logged in with your UQ user name and password. The BEL Warned Students Assistance Site is located under My Communities.

Click on each of the purple tabs on the left hand side of the Welcome page and take the time to read and understand the information provided. You are then required to complete the Self Assessment Questionnaireand the Student Agreement. These must be submitted electronically to the Faculty by the first day of next semester classes. Your participation in this online environment is private and confidential.

If you need any advice or assistance to understand or complete this website, use the STUDENT BLOG on theWhere can I get help? tab or come in to the BEL Faculty Collaborative Learning Centre, Level 1, Colin Clark Building (bldg 39)  where a Client Service Officer will be available to help you.

It’s not easy to obtain a place at UQ. Don’t waste this opportunity. I strongly encourage you to take action now to improve your academic performance so that you can continue on to complete your program without any further problems.  

Associate Professor Phil Bodman
Associate Dean (Academic)
Faculty of Business, Economics & Law