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Leverage the power of the UQ Alumni network

The UQ Alumni network is made up of a diverse body of 290,000+ professionals working across different roles, industries, organisations and cities, who collectively hold a wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom.

To enable alumni to tap into this, we’ve created an exclusive-to-UQ mentoring and peer coaching platform, UQ A2A, which is now open to all Faculty of Business, Economics and Law (BEL) alumni.

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Share knowledge and build your network with UQ A2A

Connect with other alumni on UQ A2A for short, sharp, knowledge-sharing conversations. Get your questions answered by someone who has been there and done that, or share your own story, ideas and advice.

Your network is your net-worth

With UQ A2A you can build that all-important professional network - because it's not what you know, it's who you know. This circle of allies and advocates could result in a recommendation for your next role, valuable advice during a career transition or an introduction to thought-leaders in your field.


The [UQ alumni to alumni mentoring] program is a cutting edge initiative that gives us a platform to build bridges with, and reach out to, like-minded and highly skilled alumni. As a mid-career professional it has enabled me to mentor recent graduates, and receive advice and guidance from senior executives.”
     Chad. H, LLB (Hons)

Who is UQ A2A for?

UQ A2A isn’t your traditional ‘mentoring program’, it’s a flash mentoring platform which can be used at any stage of your career, whether you graduated last year or decades ago.

Recent graduates

  • Learn how to land a job and what to (and not) do in your first week
  • Get advice from others in your field or industry
  • Build a professional network
  • Support other grads on a similar path


  • Get coaching to secure a promotion
  • Discuss career pathways, progression and how to pivot
  • Talk to alumni who have transitioned into C-suite
  • Share knowledge, advice or resources with junior alumni

Senior executives

  • Make contact with similarly qualified alumni
  • Workshop ideas and problem solve challenges
  • Share knowledge with developing UQ talent
  • Learn about new technologies

Mentor, mentee or coach?

You can be a mentor, mentee or peer coach (or a combination of all 3!) depending on where you’re at in your career and what your goals are.

Join as a mentee

Learning is a lifelong endeavour and experience is often a great teacher. Request a conversation, bring your list of questions or ideas and put yourself in the best position to develop your skills and grow professionally.

“I connect and learn from someone who is an insightful leader in their field.”

Join as a peer

Talking it out with someone who has done, or is going through, the same thing can be half the battle. Find someone on the same career trajectory as you to share ideas and solve problems together.

“I want to share learnings and challenges in a conversation where there is give and take.”

Join as mentor

After years of hard work and experience, you might want to offer insight and advice or act as a sounding board for others on a similar path. Or, you might look to mentoring to help build the leadership skills you need to advance your career.

“I imagine that some younger alumni may seek advice from me.”

How it works

  1. Register and build your profile (takes less than 10 minutes)

  2. Reach out and start connecting with other alumni

  3. Have a conversation!

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