Before you complete the progression check, make sure that your details on mySI-net are up to date including:

  • major/s are declared (if applicable)
  • expected graduation semester (please note that summer semester is NOT a graduating semester)
  • phone and addresses (should we need to contact you)

Please note, any change to your course enrolment/s after completing a progression check will make that progression check out-of-date and may alter your eligibility to graduate. Please make sure you update your progression check sheet should your course enrolment/s change.


6. Check Electives

Write in all the courses that you have completed towards the electives and/or general electives (if applicable) on page 1. Please make sure that your electives have been taken from the correct Group or Part of your program course list, then tick them off.

Please remember to refer to your program rules and be aware of your course level restrictions ie. 1,2,3,5 (the first number in a course code indicates the level of the course).