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About credit for previous study 

If you have previously completed some study at a University level you may be entitled to credit. Please refer to the rules and requirements of your program as well as my.UQ for further information and to access the application form. All credit assessments are made on the basis of academic content and credit is applied on the basis of the rules and requirements of individual programs within the BEL Faculty.

Please note: All applications for credit take up to 4 weeks for processing. Ensure that any applications are submitted as early as possible to avoid potential enrolment problems.

If you have received credit towards your program you will need to cross out the courses on your Program Plan for which credit has been granted as you do not need to study these courses. You will then need to amend your program plan, ensuring you have still met the pre-requisites for the courses you are wanting to bring forward. If you need assistance with checking your amended program plan, please contact bel@uq.edu.au

About exemptions

Exemptions are different to credit. These are given towards a course when students have completed content in another course that is incompatible. An exemption means you cannot study the course for which an exemption has been given, but rather you study another course in lieu of this course. The other course studied must come from the Course List for the program. You will be advised of which part/group of the Course List when the exemption is applied.

How to apply

How you apply for credit or exemption depends on your previous studies.  Find out more about how to apply.


If you are a new international undergraduate student and need help, contact your dedicated First Semester Advisor. All other undergraduate students, please contact the BEL Student Centre.

Postgraduate students, please consult your school.