WhenMonday 7 August
1.45 - 3.30pm

WhereRoom 275
Global Change Institute

Faculty competition

The 3MT® is a competition that challenges Research Masters and PhD students to describe their research within three minutes to a general audience.

Be in the audience

The 2017 BEL Faculty 3MT® competition will push the boundaries of traditional business, economics and law research, delving into exciting fields of innovation such as DNA evidence in transnational crime, climate change and natural disasters, and the impact of mega-mines in regional Queensland.

Register online to be in the audience. Registration is essential as seating is limited.


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The 3MT® competition will challenge you to engage a general audience in your research through a three-minute presentation. Individual schools are also holding 3MT® heats, so please consider entering these too. Details on school competitions are available below.

Competition prizes

The BEL Faculty 3MT® competition features three prize categories:

Faculty Winner prize

$1000 in research funds

Runner-Up prize

$500 in research funds

Peoples' Choice prize

$500 in research funds

School heats

While it is not a requirement to compete in the School 3MT® heats to be eligible for the Faculty competition, they provide a great opportunity to practice your presentation before facing off with fellow 3MT participants at the Faculty level.

UQ Business School

2pm, Friday 7 July

Rm 132, Sir Llew Edwards Building (#14)

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TC Beirne School of Law

12pm, Friday 14 July

Rm W353, Forgan Smith Building (#1)

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School of Economics

10am, Thursday 3 August

Rm 629, Colin Clark Building (#39)

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Wildcard Competition

The 3MT® Wildcard competition brings together the People's Choice winners from each faculty and combined Institute finals to present their 3MT® again to a new audience, battling it out for one last opportunity to compete in the UQ final.

2017 UQ 3MT® Final

Eligible winners from faculty and Institute competitions across The University will compete at the 2017 UQ 3MT® Final, held on Wednesday 13 September. Visit the website for more information.

2016 BEL Faculty 3MT® winners

The TC Beirne School of Law and UQ Business School took out the honours across the Winner, Runner-Up and People’s Choice awards at last year's BEL Faculty 3MT® competition. Watch the winning presentations below.

Sam Boyle

Winner and People's Choice
‘Capacity and treatment refusal: How law does and should deal with adults with anorexia nervosa who refuse treatment’

Chelsea Gill

Runner-Up and People's Choice
‘Exploring the role of corporate retreats in restoring directed attention’

Nazila Babakhani

People's Choice
‘Essays on the Usefulness of Psychophysiological methods for sustainable tourism research’

Participate in 3MT®

BEL HDR students are encouraged to participate in the 2017 University of Queensland 3MT® Competition at all levels. Visit UQ's 3MT® website for more information and participant resources, and register to participate in the BEL Faculty competition.