Faculty competition

The 3MT® is a competition that challenges Research Masters and PhD students to describe their research within three minutes to a general audience.

Ashley Ding

UQ Business School

Ashley Ding, a PhD candidate from UQ Business School, was victorious in the BEL Faculty Three Minute Thesis competition for her thesis presentation The forecast is actually accurate!

Ms Ding’s presentation focused on part of her thesis – her work on a “forward-looking volatility index” that can produce unbiased forecasts in the fossil fuel and clean energy markets.

Anne Pickering

TC Beirne School of Law

TC Beirne School of Law candidate Anne Pickering was the BEL 3MT runner-up for her thesis presentation Building pathways for inclusive land reform – customary land holding in the Pacific and beyond: Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Sri Lanka.

Joseph Lelliott

TC Beirne School of Law

TC Beirne School of Law candidate Joseph Lelliott was the People’s Choice winner for his thesis presentation Unaccompanied Minors: Developing Law and Policy to Protect the Most Vulnerable Migrants.

His presentation highlighted the phenomenon of the smuggling of unaccompanied minors, and the gaps in international and domestic law and policy designed to protect them.

Competition prizes

The BEL Faculty 3MT® competition features three prize categories:

Faculty Winner prize

$1000 in research funds

Runner-Up prize

$500 in research funds

Peoples' Choice prize

$500 in research funds

2017 Participants

This forecast is actually accurate!

Ashley Ding
UQ Business School

Scientists have identified nine planetary boundaries as the safe zone for humanity. However, four boundaries breached and others in great danger of being crossed, human pressure on the planet has reached a point that a business-as-usual scenario could raise severe economic and market risks that affect asset valuation and destabilised financial markets, consequently threatening our societies and economies.

My thesis considers environmental risks from the perspectives of market participants and policymakers by conducting three studies on the fossil fuel market and the clean energy market and aims to address the economic importance and implications of a transition to a green economy. 

Unaccompanied Minors: Developing Law and Policy to Protect the Most Vulnerable Migrants

Joseph Lelliott
TC Beirne School of Law

Joseph's PhD concerns the smuggling of unaccompanied minors. It examines the levels and characteristics of the phenomenon, and international law relevant to the protection of such minors and criminalisation of those who smuggle them. The thesis also examines law and practice in five domestic jurisdictions, including Australia, Austria, Italy, South Africa, and the United States. It analyses the efficacy of these jurisdictions' legal frameworks, and their accordance with international law and best practice.

The thesis develops and facilitates a greater understanding of smuggling of unaccompanied minors, and makes recommendations for law reform and policy changes aimed at addressing the phenomenon.

When mining comes to town: heartbreak and hope in the Galilee Basin

Katie Meissner
UQ Business School

Queensland's Galilee Basin is home to six proposed mega coal-mines. At the centre of these developments is the town of Alpha, population 500. The residents of Alpha will bear the brunt of immediate impacts of the mines. Dust. Noise. Traffic. Increased living costs. Hi-vis wearing FIFO workers. Loss of precious groundwater. Regulation demands that mining companies consult with local communities as part of having a mine assessed.

In my research, I ask how the people of Alpha describe their experience of community consultation? Through interviews with community members, I found heartbreak yet great hope for the future.

Building pathways for inclusive land reform - customary land holding in the Pacific and beyond: Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Sri Lanka

Anne C Pickering
TC Beirne School of Law

This thesis is based on the premise that customary land tenure and its application in some island nations in the Asia-Pacific region present invaluable lessons that assist to articulate practical insights and guidelines for property law reform and development, which retains the cultural context of customary land tenure.

Using three countries (the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Sri-Lanka) to carry out a comparative analysis, this thesis intends to draw from their experience to examine ways in which property law reform can adopt a more responsive approach, which considers the cultural context of land tenure while targeting development in the land sector.

Let us rebuild our lives

Kamran Shafique
UQ Business School

Natural disasters are one of the oldest human kind concern and human induced climate change has exacerbated its intensity and frequency. Reconstruction of destroyed infrastructure after a disaster is a big challenge and requires huge resources and efforts of stakeholders. Different reconstruction approaches have been recommended in the recent research; however 'community participatory approach' has been considered the best approach to achieve both success and sustainability.

Through qualitative research approach, my research will explore the factors that are acting as a barrier to affected community participation in reconstruction projects of developing countries. Framework for effective community participation will also be outlined. 

School heats

While it is not a requirement to compete in the School 3MT® heats to be eligible for the Faculty competition, they provide a great opportunity to practice your presentation before facing off with fellow 3MT participants at the Faculty level.

UQ Business School

2pm, Friday 7 July

Rm 132, Sir Llew Edwards Building (#14)

TC Beirne School of Law

12pm, Friday 14 July

Rm W353, Forgan Smith Building (#1)

School of Economics

10am, Thursday 3 August

Rm 629, Colin Clark Building (#39)

Wildcard Competition

The 3MT® Wildcard competition brings together the People's Choice winners from each faculty and combined Institute finals to present their 3MT® again to a new audience, battling it out for one last opportunity to compete in the UQ final.

2017 UQ 3MT® Final

Eligible winners from faculty and Institute competitions across The University will compete at the 2017 UQ 3MT® Final, held on Wednesday 13 September. Visit the website for more information.

2016 BEL Faculty 3MT® winners

The TC Beirne School of Law and UQ Business School took out the honours across the Winner, Runner-Up and People’s Choice awards at last year's BEL Faculty 3MT® competition. Watch the winning presentations below.

Sam Boyle

Winner and People's Choice
‘Capacity and treatment refusal: How law does and should deal with adults with anorexia nervosa who refuse treatment’

Chelsea Gill

Runner-Up and People's Choice
‘Exploring the role of corporate retreats in restoring directed attention’

Nazila Babakhani

People's Choice
‘Essays on the Usefulness of Psychophysiological methods for sustainable tourism research’

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BEL HDR students are encouraged to participate in the 2017 University of Queensland 3MT® Competition at all levels. Visit UQ's 3MT® website for more information and participant resources, and register to participate in the BEL Faculty competition.