Research Fellowships and Chairs

Leading research through your support

We are grateful to the supporters of our prestigious research fellows and sponsored chairs. Through this funding, the Faculty is able to attract and retain the brightest minds in their respective fields. These individuals lead research excellence across the Faculty. Their research informs policy and influences organisational and consumer behaviour, benefiting society at large.

UQ Business School

KPMG Chair in Organisational Trust

Professor Nicole Gillespie

Nicole leads a research program examining trust in organisations and emerging technology. She is working with KPMG to develop a series of practical toolkits, guidelines and maturity indexes to help organisations understand and enhance their trustworthiness and responsible use of emerging technology.

Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellowship

Rebuilding the arts sector through peer mentoring | In partnership with Queensland Ballet, La Boite Theatre and Arts Nexus

Dr Kate Power

The focus of Kate’s fellowship is to develop a sustainable peer-coaching program that will connect artists and arts managers around Queensland post-COVID-19. Her research will help rebuild artistic and business practices and foster capacity, collaboration, resilience and well-being.

Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellowship

Queensland Tourism Workforce Strategy V2: A Crisis Resilience and Recovery Plan | In partnership with Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC)

Associate Professor Richard Robinson

Capitalising on his industry experience in food service operations and the hotel sector, Richard’s research involves consultation with a broad range of tourism and hospitality stakeholders across many Queensland regions. The results of the study will inform a tourism employment crisis recovery and resilience strategy.

Malcolm Broomhead Chair in Finance

Professor Stephen Gray

Stephen is well known for his work on empirical finance, asset-pricing and corporate finance. He is an active consultant to industry on issues relating to valuation, cost of capital, corporate financial strategy, financial modelling and financial risk management.

Hutchinson Chair in Business Ethics

Mark Hutchinson

Mark is a UQ alumnus and former CEO and President of General Electric Europe. As the Faculty’s executive-in-residence, he helps students and staff navigate complex ethical issues.

Frank Finn Chair in Finance

Professor Shaun Bond

Shaun has research interests in the areas of real estate finance and financial economics. Prior to joining the UQ Business School, Shaun was the West Shell Professor of Real Estate in the Department of Finance at the University of Cincinnati and the Director of the UC Real Estate Center.

School of Economics

ARC Future Fellowship

Improving Productivity: Theory and Application to Australian Hospitals

Professor Valentin Zelenyuk

Valentin is developing novel tools for analysing productivity and efficiency in Australian hospitals. His research identifies best practices, determinants of these practices and makes recommendations for improvements to reduce healthcare costs and save thousands of lives.

Laureate Fellow in Economics

Professor John Quiggin

John is prominent both as a research economist and as a commentator on Australian economic policy. He has written on policy topics including climate change, microeconomic reform, privatisation, employment policy and the management of the Murray-Darling River system.

Colin Clark Chair

Professor Claudio Mezzetti

Claudio’s research focuses predominantly on microeconomic theory, particularly mechanism design, game theory and their applications, which can include competition policy, dispute resolution, procurement, blockchains, ransomware attacks, data breaches and cybersecurity.

TC Beirne School of Law

ARC Laureate Fellowship

Harnessing intellectual property to build food security

Professor Brad Sherman

Brad’s research focuses on how intellectual property can be used to boost food security in Australia and the Asia Pacific. He consults with policymakers and industry stakeholders nationally and globally.

Australian Institute for Business and Economics

ARC Laureate Fellowship

Making a sustainable tourist

Professor Sara Dolnicar

Sara is trying to predict pro-environmental consumer behaviour in hedonic contexts, such as on vacation. Such interventions have the potential of reducing the negative environmental impacts of industries catering to enjoyment-focused activities.  

Centre for the Business and Economics of Health

Taylor Family Chair

Professor Stephen Birch

Stephen’s research focuses on the development and evaluation of models for healthcare planning based on population needs. The main contributions of this research are in the integration of health workforce planning across health professions and linking planning models across finance, workforce and services.

NHMRC Early Career Fellowship

Improving patient access to novel cancer drugs in Australia: striking the balance

Associate Professor Haitham Tuffaha

Cancer patients experience delays in accessing new drugs that are not available under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). Findings from Haitham’s research have policy implications for improving existing drug evaluation processes.