A gender-biased pandemic: are women and men being affected differently by the COVID-19 crisis?

24 Sep 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the life of every person in one way or another. However, the magnitude of this effect will not be equal from person to person.

Emerging research from Dr Terry Fitzsimmons suggests that a person’s gender might be a significant factor that influences how greatly someone is impacted by this virus.

Dr Fitzsimmons predicts women will be disproportionately affected by the coronavirus pandemic for a number of reasons including the increased cases of domestic violence abuse, more pressure to take on broad domestic responsibilities including home schooling, and a higher percentage of women losing their job.

“Research undertaken by The Australia Institute in July revealed that at least 700,000 casual workers had lost their jobs due to their ineligibility for JobKeeper – the great majority of these were women,” Dr Fitzsimmons said. 

This research has formed the basis for the survey Dr Fitzsimmons is conducting. Terry discusses why he believes the findings of this survey will be sizeable. 

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Dr Terry Fitzsimmons

Dr Terry Fitzsimmons

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