Improving outcomes for men with prostate cancer

12 August 2019

Professor Luke Connelly is part of a team of researchers, led by School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences Prof Paul Hodges, that is collaborating on an NHMRC-funded study of a new, preoperative treatment for men with prostate cancer.

Recovery and urinary incontinence

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men and the removal of the prostate—prostatectomy—is the most common treatment. Unfortunately, post-operatively approximately 80% who have a prostatectomy currently experience urinary incontinence and, in turn, lower quality of life. This trial will test the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a new pre-surgical treatment that starts prior to the operation and targets the functional training of specific pelvic floor muscles that contribute to urinary continence. This will be compared against conventional training and no training. The protocol for the trial has recently been published in BMJ Open.

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