How to avoid algorithmic decision-making mistakes: lessons from the Robodebt debacle

28 April 2022

The unprecedented amount of data generated in society today has incentivized governments to automate citizen-facing services with algorithmic decision-making systems.

While there are benefits to using algorithmic decision-making, including efficiency, cost savings and operational transparency, its use can also have unintended negative consequences. This was the case with Centrelink’s Online Compliance Intervention program – otherwise known as Robodebt.

This article looks at what happened with Robodebt, why it failed and how AI and algorithms can be used ethically in decision-making.

Featured researchers: Dr Tapani Rinta-KahilaDr Ida Asadi SomehProfessor Nicole GillespieProfessor Marta Indulska and Professor Shirley Gregor (ANU).

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