There is a lot to know about study and survival at University. This page will highlight resources for you to succeed in your studies, and to make the most out of your time here. In choosing UQ you are now part of a vibrant and collegial community. To maximise your experience at UQ we strongly encourage you to fully engage in university life and participate in all university activities which have been developed to enhance both your personal and academic development.


Of particular importance is your participation in Orientation activities through which you will familiarise yourself with facilities on your campus. The sessions offered during Orientation will give you a clearer understanding of university life and will give you more confidence and familiarity as you enter week one.

Further details regarding Orientation will be provided to you by UQ College.

Where you can help yourself

Academic Calendar - this is your guide to when you should enrol, when you are able to drop courses without academic penalty and / or financial liability, and when you know to expect your final examinations.

Starting at UQ - the step-by-step guide to enrolling in courses at UQ. This is vital for commencing students and a good resource for continuing students. 

Program Planning - your guide to what courses to enrol in for your degree.

We have individual program plans for when you commenced your program. You must follow this plan.

my.UQ - your portal to all you need at UQ.

Here you can access your student email, mySI-net, Student Services, exam timetables, intercampus bus timetable, information on fees and so much more. 

The BEL Faculty, UQ College and other sections of the University will communicate important information to you using your UQ email account. It is your responsibility to check your emails regularly or forward your UQ email account to a personal account which you do check regularly. Failure to access or read an email sent to you by the University is not an excuse for missing deadlines or important information affecting your study and enrolment. To forward your UQ email account follow the instructions under 'How to redirect/forward mail' here.

mySI-net - your student portal.

mySI-net is where you manage your course enrolments (adding and dropping courses), sign-on to tutorials, pay your fees, update your personal details (e.g. next of kin, home and mailing addresses) among many other functions.

Student Charter - lists your rights and responsibilites by setting out what you may expect of UQ as an institution, as well as outlines what is expected of you while studying with us.

Programs and Courses - the definitive resource for the rules, program requirements and course list for your degree.

You can search this website for other programs offered at UQ for after you complete your AssocDBus! This is also where you access your Electronic Course Profiles (an outline of the course including its objectives and goals, resources such as required texts, how performance will be assessed and other general assessment expectations and penalties). If your course does not have an Electronic Course Profile on this website please look on the UQ College website, or contact your Course Coordinator. 

Who can help you

UQ College - Seddon Building (82A), St Lucia campus

UQ College staff will be able to assist you with matters relating to your courses (including clarification on your Course Profile), assessment and examinations, access to Blackboard, and other teaching matters. Contact the UQ College on telephone: +61 7 3346 8222 or email

Student Centre - JD Story Building (61), St Lucia campus

Student Services - Building 21D, St Lucia campus

Search the Student Services website, and in particular check out:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander support - Gordon Greenwood Building (32), St Lucia campus

UQ Health Service - Gordon Greenwood Building (32), St Lucia campus

UQ Sport - Building 25, St Lucia campus

UQ Union

UQ Student Alumni Program

You should become familiar with these areas and what they offer you. 

Have you got everything covered?

Always be mindful of the UQ College important dates, especially deadlines for cancellation / withdrawal from courses and programs. Compliance with these deadlines will determine whether or not you have your fees refunded.

It is essential to plan your program so that pre-requisite courses are completed prior to enrolment in advanced courses.  Program Plans are available to assist you with planning your enrolment.

If, at any time, you need help there is someone who can assist you. Don’t wait until a minor problem becomes a major one – seek advice early.

UQ Vocabulary/Terminology

Universities use a lot of acronyms and terminology that is unfamiliar to people new to the sector. You can access a dictionary of words commonly used at UQ.