Learning by Doing in a Disruptive World

BEL’s Employability Capstone course for final year students

  • DateTwo-week intensive
    5–16 July 2021

  • WhereApplications closed

  • DateFinal-year BEL students

Interested in the BEL Employability Capstone course? Official applications have closed but there are still places available. If you need an extension or would like to know more about the course, please email Nicky at employability@bel.uq.edu.au

Do you want to cap off your degree with a transformative learning experience, that’s more like work and less like uni? Get set for the world of work with the Learning by Doing in a Disruptive World.

Learning by Doing in a Disruptive World (PBEL3000)

Monday 5 July – Friday 16 July 2021 | Two-week intensive

Remember everything you’ve learned at uni over the last 2–3 years? (We certainly hope so!). Now it’s time to use it.

Participate in the second round of the Faculty of Business, Economics, and Law (BEL's) new course for undergraduate students graduating in 2021 (or Semester 1, 2022) that was created in collaboration with students, staff, alumni and industry at the 2019 CreateAthon.

In this work integrated learning course, you will collaborate with students from other disciplines to solve a real and complex problem for our industry partner, Suncorp. This experience is designed to develop your employability skills by integrating your knowledge in a practical context letting you work with a range of stakeholders in a professional business environment. Our aim is to ensure you are equipped with the mindset and confidence to tackle the challenges faced in our rapidly-changing world. 

Read the course description or check out the program for further details.


Six reasons to choose the BEL Employability Capstone course

1. Develop an entrepreneurial mindset

2. Gain the skills and confidence to hit the ground running in your career

3. Build employability and job-readiness

4. Make connections and build your professional network

5. Learn how to give, receive and use feedback

6. Boost course credit over the winter break

How to apply

The BEL Employability Capstone course is strictly limited to 60 students, so entry is by application only.

To apply, submit a one-minute video outlining the skills and attributes you will bring to the group. Some examples include creative vision, problem-solving, leadership or project management.

Your video can take any form of your choice, so get those creative juices flowing! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy – but we are looking for creative, unique, interesting videos taken on your smartphone.

Eligibility: you must be a BEL undergraduate student graduating in Semester 2, 2021 or Semester 1, 2022 with room for a general elective in your program to apply. Check out the FAQs below or contact employability@bel.uq.edu.au if you have more questions. 

Applications closed.

Official applications have closed but there are still places available. If you need an extension or would like to know more about the course, please email Nicky at employability@bel.uq.edu.au.


Learning by Doing mirrors the real world in that it will challenge students like they would be in the workplace, they’ll be forced to adapt to challenges as they arise and ready to take on the rapidly-changing 21st century work environment.

 - Aimee Griffin, CreateAthon student staff partner

Course Information


This course requires you to attend in-person classes from 9am–4pm Monday to Friday (5–16 July).


Daily workshop


Day 1

Thinking differently about problems

Virtual site visit at Suncorp, team work and team feedback.

Day 2

Evaluating solution-problem fit

Guest seminar (Finding, using and organising data), team work and individual reflection.

Day 3

Ensuring solutions

Team work and feedback.

Day 4

Gathering stakeholder feedback

Assessment: Pitching proposed solutions to Suncorp.
Guest seminar (project related), team work and individual reflection.

Day 5

Understanding business interdependencies

Team work and feedback.

Weekend break

Day 6

Creating a transition plan

Team work and individual reflection.

Day 7

Biases (guest seminar)

Team work and feedback.

Day 8

Persuading key stakeholders

Team work and individual reflection.

Day 9

Pitching (guest seminar)

Team work and feedback.

Day 10


Team work.
Assessment: Pitching proposed solutions to Suncorp.



How the course was developed

At UQ, we strive to ensure our students are at the forefront of everything we do. We want you to feel empowered to tackle challenges of all sizes, think like entrepreneurs and learn skills that will help create long-lasting and positive change in the world. 

In June last year, we held a ‘CreateAthon’, where more than 80 students, staff, alumni, industry and partners came together to ideate and co-create a new learning experience for students, which was how the BEL Faculty Employability Capstone course was born.

It took another nine months of hard work to transform these ideas into the BEL Faculty’s first work-integrated learning capstone course, ‘Learning by Doing in a Disruptive World’. This included consultation with world-renowned experts to develop assessment modules and securing Suncorp as our corporate partner. Read the full CreateAthon story.


“What we’re most proud of from this initiative is creating a partnership where ideas, leadership and outcomes are shared among students, staff, alumni and industry.” 

Dr Angie Knaggs, Senior Educational Designer and Employability Lead for the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law

Dr Angie Knaggs


In partnership with Suncorp