Prior to joining UQ, Ashil was managing placements and internships in the Communications and Humanities disciplines. He has co-coordinated international Work-Integrated Learning projects and developed a languages internship program. He is a pragmatic employability specialist who sees work experience and placements as the missing link between learning and employability. Once an international student himself he has a passion to inspire other international students to take-up extensive opportunities and grow their networks.

He also widely worked in the media industry as a video producer overseeing various diverse projects from inception to completion.

Ashil holds a Bachelor of Communication (Screen Production and Journalism) from Griffith University.

Areas of responsibility

  • Coordinating the placements for courses RBUS3999 and RBUS7999
  • Engaging with industry and generating opportunities for students to take up Work-Integrated Learning placements
  • Developing SET Volunteering programs
  • Developing Global Virtual Internship Programs
  • Assisting in the BEL SET Community Engagement Program (CEP).

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