This projects aims to examine how patients interact collaboratively with multiple stakeholders in a health system (co-creation). Governments and health-care providers continually seek new ways to be more efficient and to create more effective health service outcomes. This research aims to identify why co-creation will be important in the formulation of future health policy. The project plans to assess patient-centred practices using qualitative and quantitative health outcome measures and to model the patient’s end-to-end journey by developing new metrics. The intended outcomes are practical guidelines to help health professionals focus on the most effective co-creation activities and interactions. The research aims to determine how co-creation practices shape a service ecosystem by examining the effectiveness of a patient-centred approach on health care service outcomes. Findings will improve the implementation of health care practices.

Funding: $180,000

Project members


Professor Janet McColl-Kennedy (UQ Business School)


Led by The University of Sydney