Edward Leong

UQ is one of the top universities in Australia and I am proud to list Queensland in July on my resume.

What are the best things about Queensland in July and about UQ?

The class size really helps in not only building knowledge, but also relationships with each other. We can say whatever we want or ask the lecturer whatever we want. It is quite informal, which makes the learning fun.

Why did you choose to study at UQ?

UQ is one of the top universities in Australia. I can proudly include QIJ in my resume for future career prospects.

How would you describe your UQ study experience?

The Global Talent Management course that I studied at UQ is something very unique that most universities have not offered yet. I can use this information to create change  wherever I work in the future. 

What are your future career aspirations?

I want to work at a university, either in the field of HR, Marketing or Entrepreneurship.

QiJ is very worthwhile. I could ask many questions that popped up in my head directly to the lecturer. I also raised many issues and had great debates with the lecturer. QiJ was just absolutely worth it.


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Edward Leong


Queensland in July participant (Global Talent Management)