Paulina Kwiatkowska-Chylińska

I think that the most useful experience was working in an international team.

In the middle of her PhD in her home country, Paulina began seeking a new challenge.

“I was looking for valuable courses on management, which is related to my PhD thesis,” she says. “It wasn’t easy though – my topic is quite unique.”

That topic is competency development methods in the creative sector, through the University of Lodz’s Faculty of Management. As Paulina explains, “In my job, I support artists and creative organisations in achieving their goals and improving competencies.”

For a while, Paulina struggled to find the course for her, but through dedicated research, eventually, she found the perfect opportunity.

“I sent lots of e-mails to universities all over the world, but I hadn’t found any courses involving management in the creative sector,” she says. “However, I then got an answer from the University of Queensland. The Queensland in July Global Talent Management course at UQ was an obvious choice.”

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Paulina Kwiatkowska-Chylińska