Digitalisation is transforming the way industries and economies operate globally. In infrastructure, digitalisation provides the potential for radical change, posing both an opportunity and challenge for the industry to navigate. This research theme focuses on understanding how digitalisation can support sustainability outcomes in infrastructure.

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Industry 4.0 technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Machine Learning, Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are considered key enablers of the transition to circular economy principles (Kristoffersen, 2020). Through a rigorous screening and review process of the existing literature, the evidence base for how Industry 4.0 enables circular economy in infrastructure is summarised. Opportunities, challenges, and implications identified in the literature are outlined. A toolkit for implementing Industry 4.0 technologies to support circular economy in infrastructure is also provided to best utilise the current academic evidence on opportunities, barriers and enablers.  

Project staff

Picture of Jurij KarlovsekDr Jurij Karlovsek
Co-founder and Lead, Infrastructure CoLab
Lecturer, School of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and IT

Dr Cristyn Meath
Co-founder and Lead, Infrastructure CoLab
Senior Research Fellow and Lecturer, Faculty of Business, Economics and Law

Mr Gabriel Sunol Marten
Senior Research Assistant
Smart Infrastructure