Three Minute Thesis Success

26 Aug 2014

The BEL Faculty Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition was held on Tuesday 12 August when seven PhD candidates presented their thesis topic within 3 minutes to an audience of over 45 staff and RHD candidates from BEL schools. 

A typical 80,000 word thesis would take nine hours to present. Students participating in the 3MT competition had to condense their thesis into a three minute presentation.

The judging criteria used to determine the winner channels one main theme – simplicity.

The competitor must avoid sophisticated jargon, explain key topics, follow a clear and logical sequence and spend adequate time on each element of their presentation.

Winner and People’s Choice Winner - Cameron Murray, School of Economics for his presentation: “We might all be corrupt”. Click here to view his presentation.

Cameron explored political corruption. His research shows that people may tend to be politically corrupt when afforded the opportunity. Cameron conducted several computer-based experimental games where subjects would switch favours. Eighty four percent of these pairs formed a back-scratching alliance.  

Runner-up Winner – Liam Pomfret, UQ Business School for his presentation – “Privacy, I had that once”.  Click here to view his presentation.

Liam describes the evolving role of privacy in our online behaviour. He explains the privacy paradox; people’s online privacy settings are different from their own personal privacy standards. His research aims to inform campaigns to educate and persuade consumers about the consequences from privacy risks.

Liam will compete in the UQ Wildcard Final on Tuesday 2 September. Winner, Cameron will represent BEL and compete in the UQ Final on 11 September.

Congratulations to participants:

  • Cybele May, UQ Business School
  • Paul Newbury, UQ Business School
  • Maria Ishkova, UQ Business School
  • Janice Terrill, UQ Business School
  • Victoria Colvin, TC Beirne School of Law School.

Click here to view all seven presentations.